At home, on the street with headphones, traveling, in the eternal waiting, when everything goes well and when everything goes regular. Music has different benefits for our lives. Children may be the ones who notice them the most, but adults do not deprive them of a live concert

Different studies over time have shown that listening to music has different benefits for our health. They are able to change our mood if we are sad, to reduce stress and make ourselves feel better. Music surrounds us and accompanies us everywhere in our mobile devices, on television, in the cinema and, of course, in the concerts of our favorite artists or groups. If the rooms are full, if people shout the lyrics of the songs, jump, dance and enjoy, it’s because music has positive effects on us. And although we do not know it, also in children and people of advanced age. The latter, something seemingly as trivial as listening to music can relieve pain or can serve to exercise the ear to prevent hearing loss.

Everywhere with music

We listen to melodies at all times and all places. We do it accompanied by our telephone, in which we configure a suitable reproduction list for our time of walk, of trip or to do sport. We do it in the car, with the CDs of our favorite groups. We do it in the queues, when it’s time to wait, on the bus or on the train. We do it when we go partying to any hovel. Any excuse is good to listen to the last single of the band on duty or stop to try to understand the lyrics of a topic that until now had gone unnoticed.

With our molos helmets, with the headphones that best adapt to our style and that guarantee us a sound and a comfortable experience. There are many types, styles, colors and for the occasion (call by phone, play sports, watch TV, for gamers and, logically, to listen to music). In this sense, stores like specialists in noise canceling headphones as well as these wireless headphones, which can be found in many models and brands (Beats, Sony or Plantronics) at prices that are really affordable. The headphones with cancellation noise can be found from 100 euros and with the guarantee of being amortized, because the daily use that you will give them of good insurance is not little.

What is a guitar chord?

A chord (or in the case of a ‘guitar chord‘ a chord that you play on the guitar) is a harmony of (in base three) tones that you hear on your guitar. For this you put the right fingers with the left hand (if you are right-handed) in the right position on the neck of the guitar. And with the right hand you strike the strings in one smooth motion with your thumb or finger. Or you pull (pick) with your fingers at the same time on a number of different strings of your guitar.

Attend a concert, the culmination of all passionate

The purpose of every artist to get a job for sale is, in addition to his fans like and sell as much as possible the largest number of copies, to attend their concerts. Music has changed in such a way that physical sales have plummeted since the beginning of the century and digital sales do not give to live. So the artists now do the shows and bowling in which they are hired and on stage, as any singer should. One of the nerve centers of every artist is the capital, where hundreds of concerts are held every year in Madrid. For the unconditional of the band, to attend a concert is the apogee.

What is the audio mix?

The audio mix is ​​the process of handling tracks and their combination. Various methods are used such as EQ (equalization), compression and reverb (reverb) – Gearcity

Music in children

But back to the beginning, surely you remember your childhood a bunch of songs. Surely you do it with affection. And what you did not know is that children improve their memory, attention and concentration capacity. It is something that could even be extrapolated to the elderly, because we learn the letters from beginning to end. It also manages to stimulate the intelligence of the smallest of the house and improve the ability to solve problems. Music is a perfect way to express yourself and at the same time a perfect method of learning, since they even improve their vocabulary thanks to the lyrics of the songs. Even awakens in them the desire to know the meaning of terms they did not know. Associating a specific activity with music is also a symptom of establishing routines, something that in the long run is always positive. So if you want a child to be more sociable and enjoy the advantages that music offers, either through speakers or headphones, do not hesitate to take it to a concert by someone you like. Your reaction will surprise you.