The importance of self-awareness

Self-awareness, self-knowledge, introspection – however you want to call it, is a crucial aspect of each of us and our lives.

It’s about finding out who we are and becoming truly self-aware as individuals. It’s about understanding our needs, failings, desires, our habits, and all the other things that make us who we are, that make us unique in this endless universe.

There’s no one else out there like you, and you are the only one who can honestly know yourself. But self-awareness is crucial for a wide range of reasons – it can enable us to be better, improve ourselves, build specific aspects of ourselves, but most importantly – it can help us improve our overall well-being. That will, in turn, lead us towards a happier and fulfilled life.

The Huge Importance of Self-Awareness

A lot of research has shown us that self-awareness is in direct correlation to both success and emotional intelligence. That means, by being genuinely self-aware, you can create achievable goals that go in line with what you can do, and then eventually achieving those goals. It essentially allows us to make positive behavioral changes. These can move us to higher personal success.

Self-awareness was shown to be an essential quality in mental health professionals. It helps them better deal with people who are different from them and who come from a wide variety of cultures, religions, languages, values, and more. When a therapist knows themselves well, they can understand other individuals much better than others, can not only because of the knowledge and skills they possess. Additionally, without proper self-knowledge, a therapist is likely to project their problems onto others and thus give wrong counsel to their patients.

Every form of psychology recognizes the importance of self-awareness which is why they all have their methods of enhancing self-awareness.

Psychoanalysis uses free association to help people reach self-awareness.

Many cognitive therapists teach secular versions of mindfulness practices the Buddhists have developed centuries before.

Even the World Health Organization recognizes the importance of self-awareness and has identified it as one of the skills which connect to good health across all world cultures.

It’s thus easy to realize that self-awareness is crucial in well-being as only through true self-knowledge and self-actualization can we start to lead better, healthier, and fulfilled lives that will make us happy.

Self-mastery and its future are one of the five main topics that will be discussed in a total of five days in March 2020 World Happiness Agora.

A large number of leaders, professionals, and futurists will talk about their views on the future of self-mastery but also about:

  • The Future of Health
  • The Future of Education
  • The Future of Work
  • The Future of Transformative Technologies

Take a better look at our site to see what will be the agenda, and how the whole Agora will function. It will be an improved and larger continuation of the previous Agora which proved to be very successful.

Join us and let’s change the world together!