Having self-compassion has many benefits and ultimately can help someone with forgiving and loving oneself. Self-compassion promotes better health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of self-criticism, thinking that doing so will help them accomplish personal goals. Self-criticism is often considered a negative personality trait because it can be extremely toxic to one’s health. Below is the importance of self-compassion, why more should do it, and ways to practice it.

Self-compassion is uplifting

Self-compassion focuses on having compassion to one’s self regularly in situations in which one is feeling less than, going through a struggle or personal hardships, among others. This practice deals with a lot of self-kindness, and it can help boost someone’s morale if that individual is confronting their failures. Self-compassion is beneficial when dealing with painful emotions or shortcomings because it is unhealthy to suppress them.

Practical Ways to Apply Self-compassion

Anyone could practice self-compassion in simple ways. The examples below are ways to practice and foster them daily.

Taking Care Of Your Body

Taking time to eat healthily, taking a much-needed rest, and drinking plenty of water can do wonders for anyone. Resting is always highly recommended because it helps an individual restores their energy, repair, and can improve their focus. Massage therapy is another form of self-compassion because it offers many mental benefits as well as physical ones too. Massage therapy relief stress, promotes one’s well-being and can help someone receive better sleep. Another way to practice self-compassion is by taking walks outside. A pleasant walk can also improve someone’s quality of sleep, self-perception, and morale, along with reducing anxiety as well.

Practice Self-compassion By Writing A Letter To Yourself

Yes, writing a letter to your current self and future self is helpful! When writing a letter, an individual should focus on a time when they were dealing with a personal shortcoming or pain. It is critical to write this letter without self-criticism or to shame anyone who was involved.

Feel One’s Emotions Through Mindfulness

Practice self-encouragement during both good times and bad times. It is crucial also to learn to feel one’s emotion and then let it go. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment (one’s feelings and thoughts) without passing any judgment.