How to live a happier life

One month ago, I deleted my website and took a step back from everything. I started to say au revoir to the world of coaching at the start of 2020, by slowly erasing videos, podcast episodes, courses, and articles. The truth is I was burnt out & needed a break from it all. 

I had been so busy working the 9-5, and creating content that I constantly felt like I was on the go, doing something. After 12 months of debilitating whether I should stop it all, I finally leaped OUT of the net. Not only was it costing me money, but time and energy. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re leaning into the burnout phase, and eager to take a step back. Here are two practical tips to help end the overwhelm, overwork, and embrace slowing down. 

Say goodbye to being BUSY.

I have a fast-paced, ever-moving position in my 9-5, and there are some days that I feel like I could go mad. Additionally, my type-A nature tends to desire completion of my tasks list as soon as possible. 

I know that is impractical and can be a detriment to my health. To combat that, I start my week by outlining my schedule and identifying my major outcomes per day.

Wouldn’t you rather productivity over busyness? Setting an intention for your week or day means that you’re not constantly looking to add things to your list of tasks but you’re focusing on high-quality outputs. Goals met are better than lines crossed.

How to live a happier life

Doing Nothing Is OK.

Before erasing everything, I felt like it was my purpose. Therefore, I felt like I wasting time, and that I had disappointed my small audience. I felt guilty! For a minute I imagined, creating a blog again, but at what cost. Then, I discerned that I can inspire without sacrificing myself.

I began to adopt new things, like micro gardening, adding a bit of pizzaz to my cooking, sipping Aperol spritz on marina terraces, and simply doing NOTHING. Doing nothing has been giving a negative association, but it’s in that time we achieve peace, experience bliss, lessen stress, and LIVE.

Slowing down curates more self-awareness, and increased self-care. It presents freedom to do the things you’ve been desiring, yet couldn’t find the time for. It supports enhancing your overall health and your mood.

If you’ve been considering it, go for it.

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