The number one piece of advice I’m dishing out to my clients (and truthfully myself) lately?

Try to remain unattached to outcomes!

So what does that mean, why do it, and how, you ask?

We are raised in our culture to believe that if we work hard anything is possible! Grinding and sacrificing are the keys to success. 

So, we often seek to predict and control every aspect of situations, believing that if we do, everything will go to plan and our wildest dreams will become reality.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard, but fixating on how to bring the things we want and desire into fruition can become an issue. 

Here’s the problem with this way of being…

When we attach ourselves to a specific outcome we actually block the manifestation of what we are longing for. 

When we are expecting the delivery to look a certain way, we may miss its arrival when it shows up in a different, but equally wonderful package. 

This is part of the reason we miss the signs and open doors present around us daily; we’re obsessed with an idea, instead of just focusing on receiving and staying open to unlimited possibilities.

This is also how we end up viewing life in a state of lack instead of a state of abundance. By sending all of our limited energy and attention toward manifesting something in the future, we miss the blessings we have in the present.

In this state, our minds are spinning constantly, amplifying our nervous thoughts and fueling stress, anxiety, and worry. 

What I’ve learned, is that we don’t have to work tirelessly day and night to get what we want, and we don’t really ever have the control that we think we do. 

Instead of trying to force one limited idea or option into existence, we can release our desires to the Universe, request guidance and support, and receive things beyond our own imagination. 

Okay, so how?

1) It all starts with recognizing when you’re obsessing, trying to force things, and seeking to control your circumstances.

2) Surrender and release. Stop, pause, hold your hand over your heart and say “I am handing over ______. I pray for/request a most benevolent outcome, may it be greater than my own expectations.”

3) Meditate to ground yourself and reconnect with what matters. 

4) Try going for a walk to move your body, distract your mind, and change your scenery.

5) Return to the present! Remind yourself of all the abundance already surrounding you. Journal on what you’re grateful for.

Surrendering and letting go of control can be really hard, believe me I know! But give it a try with something small this week to see just how amazing and freeing it can be. Then, try surrendering more! 

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