1. How did you come up with the idea for Cuts?

I was working at an advertising agency, and started to notice that there was a market opportunity for quality t-shirts – everything currently available was either too athletic looking to wear to work, or too professional looking to wear outside of the office. Most men want something they can wear in any situation, day or night.I also knew from an early age that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to create a company that I deeply cared about, a place where I could be excited and challenged; making better-than-basic shirts hit home for me because I could resonate with that market need.

2. Tell us about your process in coming up for the unique material you use for your shirts.

Cuts offers a proprietary Pyca blend fabric, that consumers can’t find anywhere else. We wanted something that was super comfortable but that was still formal enough for settings outside of the gym or home. That, combined with our signature colors, styles, and elongated hems make for a super trendy and effortlessly cool style. We think it’s perfect for the modern workplace or for a night out, which is exactly what we set out to accomplish. 

3.What do you feel makes Cuts stand out from other shirts on the market?

Cuts is the only shirt worth wearing. For us, it’s always been about quality over quantity, which is why we’ve felt compelled to master creating the perfect men’s t-shirt. There has been thought put into every aspect of the design, from the necklines, to the length of the hem, to the material and colors. They’re meant to go with everything and can be worn anywhere. Few t-shirts can pass that test. 

4. Who is the ideal demographic for Cuts? How do you engage with them?

We are an interesting brand in that we view our employees as our target demographic–essentially we’re young, professional males ages 18-34 who enjoy trendy, casual style. We aim to go after the outlets that we read, and as far as our marketing, we really try to keep it simple. We like to showcase our product and the familiar faces that enjoy wearing it–we’ve found it resonates well with our demographic.  

5. What do you have planned for 2019? 

We’re really looking forward to growing in 2019. We’re hoping to expand on the styles of shirts we’re offering and offer more to consumers this year. We’re confident this will be our best year yet.