They say it’s a man’s world, and I could not agree more. It is no secret that men around the world have had the better slice of the cake in almost every facet of life. Look around you, you tend to have more men occupying leadership positions, earning higher wages and being in government. In Nigeria, the case is even worse. Women are often objectified and seen as people meant for the “Other room”.

But the 21st century has seen an awakening. A recent pew research showed that across 34 countries, 94percent of people believe that it is important for women to have equal rights as men. The fifth Goal of the UN’s sustainable development goal is geared towards Gender equality and women empowerment and the good news is, global efforts are paying off. According the UN, more girls are going to school, fewer girls are forced into early marriages and more women are serving in parliament and leadership positions. Also laws are being reformed to help the fight against gender equality.

However, the aim of this post is not to discuss the UN’s fight in the support of women, but our own contributions as a community of women, as colleagues, wives, and mothers. How do we become more effective in representing our intrests and relying on one another. Here are a few ways-

Speak up for yourself


I feel like as women we are our best ambassadors, in the sense that nobody can represent you as good as YOU. So speak up against personal oppressions at work, home, or anywhere. A favourite US senator, Alexandria occasio Cortez’s Inspiring speech against misogyny was a perfect example. Tell your story. Empower yourself. This was you are a shiny example and you motivate other women to do same.

Speak up for the women around you.


Men speak for themselves better, whereas women? We almost never. So please endeavour to support women businesses, communities, and initiatives. You see this fight ehn? We as women would have to do it by ourselves or else, noone will!

Avoid the “cat fights and beef” women are known for


Everyone expects that as women we pick “Beef” with ourselves for no reason. I for one made it a point of duty long ago, to try to get along with the women around me. If as women we cannot look past our differences and try to work together for our good, how do you expect our men to give us the respect that we are crave as a community? Please ponder about this for a minute and let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Join women advocacy groups and social media movements geared towards women empowerment.


There are so many social media movements, communities and NGO’s dedicated to the empowerment of women. To be part of the fight, join those groups. Give to these causes and lend your voice and experiences in the best possible way.


  • Jennifer Nagu

    Writer, Editor, and Aviation professional.

    Jennifer Nagu is a Lagos based Freelance-writer, editor and Aviation professional, specializing in Aviation, wellness and travel related matters. She has published work with notable media platforms across Africa, like Ynaija of the Red media group, Guardian Nigeria Newspaper, Bellanaija,  Ndalo media's Habari Magazine, aviator Africa magazine amongst others. She holds a degree in communications from Covenant univerity and an IATA diploma in Airline Quality diploma from Geneva. She is passionate about mental health related issues, wellness and inclusion.