Why we are all out-of-sync

At some point in your lives, most of you will have been on a diet. Some of you may well have spent a fortune on the many diet books, diet pills, diet services, meal replacements and other ‘miracle cures’ that there are on the market. But they haven’t worked — why not? The reason is that you are still out-of-sync.

So let’s look at the weight problem a little more closely. Since the 50’s we have been getting bigger and bigger. Our bust size has increased by one and half inches, as have our hips. But worse still, our waists have increased by a whopping six and a half inches! And not only that, our mental and physical health is not that great either — anti-depressants are among the most commonly prescribed medications in modern medicine. And antacids are among the most commonly purchased over-the-counter products.

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All your mental and physical health problems have a connection to a lack of energy and by this we mean chemical energy — otherwise known as adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). Feeling constantly tired all the time represents one of the most common reasons why you visit your doctor. This is because up until 200 years ago your predecessors had a life that was much simpler than it is today.

Did you know that your behavior is regulated by daily rhythms known as circadian, or biorhythms? Circadian comes from the Latin ‘circa’ meaning around and diem meaning the daylight. This means that the way you drink, the way you drink and the way you move are all very important for the way your body functions and the health of every organ in your body. To that end, you have thirteen clock genes all regulated by a master clock gene in the brain. Every organ in your body from your liver to your kidneys to your pancreas will be regulated by these clock genes. Studies have shown that it is the disruption of these biorhythms that can contribute to most chronic disease. Your clock genes work best for you if you behave in our way you are designed for — eating when you are hungry, drinking when you are thirsty and sleeping when you are tired.

So now you are doing the reverse — you eat in case you get hungry. You have a cup of tea just to break up the day rather than drinking because we are thirsty. You don’t sleep well because you don’t have the energy to go to sleep and stay asleep. In terms of chemical energy, it is much more expensive to go to sleep than to stay awake. And then you resort to stimulants such as coffee when we get tired during the day which can negatively affect your energy levels and drive up appetite.

And on top of this, because your brain uses the most energy of all the organs in your body, it really is the master controller of your metabolism. The first signs of hunger appear because your brain needs some energy. Genetically you are programmed to move at this stage to go and hunt for food but what do you do instead? You eat! You do not rely on energy systems that there are in place to give you the boost you need to get going. Then you start trying to reduce the calories because you are then out-of-sync.

When you are out-of-sync, you are more prone to weight gain, obesity, heart disease and a whole host of other health problems. So how do you survive this modern life, stay lean and healthy and full of vitality? The In-Sync Diet will show you how.

We felt compelled to write this to share with you dietary and lifestyle tips on how to tone up and feel fantastic because you are In-Sync. We wrote it to empower you to be able to keep the weight off and continue to feel full of energy. We want to put an end to needless yo-yo dieting and feeling miserable about the way you look. We know we can help you to be In-Sync.

First Published in 2015 by Indie, London

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