When most people think about interior design and decor, the first thing that comes to mind is the visual aesthetic — a great looking room. The right colors, furniture, etc. brought together.

Second to this is the focus on function. Making sure what is in the room serves needs and purpose. Dressers for stowing clothing, consoles to tuck away electronic items, etc.

But beyond fashion and function, a stylish space can also make your life easier. More organized, more efficient. Better.

It’s an element that isn’t as tangible — you won’t necessarily touch or use it. But it is no less valuable. You’ll find that a well-styled space makes everything in your world move better. It becomes easier to keep life in place and together. What you need is often at an easier reach, ready to for whatever you need. You’ll start to notice it first-hand.

In fact, as you go into the new year with your plans, goals and to-do lists, take a quick look around your environment. Don’t just notice the pile of mail in the kitchen, cluttered closets, or the fact that you haven’t made the bed all week — but the actual living experience you’re in.

Is it comfortable to work, play or live in? Is it a place that you love being in, or coming home to? Bright? Cheerful? Cozy when you land after a long, hectic day?

If you answered no to any of these questions, consider making a few style modifications.

Paint a wall. Bring in a chic tray to catch all those little items that normally end up on the kitchen counter or dining table. Add candles and use them. The more these elements are in alignment with your personal style, taste, and life needs, the more you’ll find they’re an asset.

It’s found to be particularly helpful for those who are ultra busy, heavy travelers, students, parents, or those who work from home. Infusing style into your environment isn’t just about it looking good. It can make life easier.

It doesn’t take a full redecoration! Or any real effort. Just a tweak or two can completely transform the space (or at the very least improve it), and make it work with your life. Not just be the base where you come home to or crash.

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Originally published at medium.com