For some, inspiration looks like an array of colour. From the pallet of their wardrobe to the elements of design and architecture in their home.

It is a feeling that awakens a part of you, to become completely energized and infused into a state of mind that is transferrable to those around you and motions you toward living a purpose driven life.

As I spend a late night at the office avoiding the herd of peak time traffic and the frightening silence lurking in my apartment, I look across the room toward the picture that hangs up on the wall from our previous overseas sales conference trip held in Dubai, it reads “Inspired, Together we can!”

We find inspiration in travel and all around us, however there is an unmistakable measure of inspiration we find in those around us who are able to overcome and live a life we aspire to.

I call this group of people, influencers, globe changers, leaders, and a generation that creates opportunities for living a life of influence and leaving a distinct mark on the planet.

I am in constant pursuit of surrounding myself with the energy that emanates from an inspired mind, to experience the shift, the elevation and power of one of our greatest weapons.

At thirteen I had an instinctive knowing of wanting to write! I knew the company I would one day work at and I knew that I wanted to travel the world, meet inspiring people and to share their stories.

My mind penned out the first thought that would lead me on an exciting journey to create the opportunities I wanted, receiving them before asking.

After seven years of writing many persistent emails I landed my first job at the only place I ever imagined working at. This allowed me the ability to travel and experience something magical every time I stepped into a new city somewhere far away from home.

Where is the magic now? What has become of my inspired mind?

I spent the last two years holding my mind captive in a state of grief, trying to cope with the loss of my mum.

Desperate to find the balance, the peace, and the passion to live a life of purpose without surrendering to a medical diagnosis or a pill to “fix” my feelings. I instead chose to surrender myself to the power of inspiration and re-creating an uninspired mind.

How did this suddenly happen after such a long period of despair?

It happened in just one meeting with a complete stranger, within the first fifteen minutes I felt a tangible presence that had the ability to influence and motivate others, to live a life that begins with an inspired mind.

I met a young man visiting South Africa from Norway with a life mission to help others. Neo Ross has an incredible life story to share, both captivating and moving.

He began by sharing and reflecting on a very traumatic experience of his abduction. He was robbed, physically assaulted and left for dead all alone in a forest, an event that turned out to be conspired by his friends at the time.

He was completely neutral and balanced whilst telling this story. He often paused with a gentle smile and came across completely grateful for what I thought was a sad and tragic life event, which would naturally be associated with feelings of resentment and betrayal.

He mentioned that – “It was one of the best things that happened in my life.”

On the path of self-healing, Neo met many inspiring individuals – leading authorities in human behavior, psychology, personal development and self-awareness. This helped him begin a magnificent journey, a rewarding service that has already changed the life of thousands of individuals.

At just twenty seven years old, he is fast becoming a reputable brand and a strong force in his field helping CEO’s, corporate sales teams, consultants, actors, sports professionals worldwide, and any individual wanting to accomplish their goals with a strong focus on emotional intelligence, personal development and self-awareness.

I had my personal experience with Neo talking about life and enquired about his secret formula to which he quickly responded:

Know your intrinsic values

Every single human being has an unconscious set of values. It is like a pair of prescription glasses for life.

Everyone sees the world around them through a different perspective. Knowing your unique intrinsic values helps you choose your own path, instead of succumbing to societal pressure. It is also a catalyst for tapping into your imagination and to increase creativity.

Know your strengths

If you strengthen your weaknesses you will most probably become an average individual. If you strengthen your strengths, you will become a high performing individual. Strengths and Values is an extremely great combination which helps you to regain focus.

Get rid of emotional baggage

Every negative experience in your life that you do not say thank you for creates and adds emotional baggage.

Imagine that you decide to run a marathon, you can do the best planning, however if you still carry a heavy backpack most likely you will tire much faster and not reach the finish line on time.

Create an inspiring vision

Focus only on what you love and of how you can help society by providing a unique service. Stop living week by week. Focus on long term accomplishments and practice the delayed gratification.

Maintain a balanced perception and fill your heart with gratitude every day

Before going to bed, try writing at least 5 things that you are grateful for today. Gratitude is beautiful, contagious, and therapeutic and like magic if you practice it.

It helps you to shut down the brain center, which is responsible for anxiety, addictive behavior (Amygdala), and activates your most advanced part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex.

When this part is active, you tend to be more inspired, find better opportunities, make better decisions and live an energizing life.

Neo Ross specializes in the Professional Career Development and Human Behaviour Consulting for Businesses. His team has helped over 2 200 individuals to find their business purpose, remove the emotional baggage, break through fears, relieve grief, develop effective sales teams and strategies, create an inspiring vision and bring order to their professional and personal lives.

If you are looking to improve your business results with less stress and to get weekly insights in the field of human behaviour, check out:

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  • Candice-Lee Joseph is a poet, a writer, a big dreamer who accomplished her “teenage dream” to work in the television industry, which gained her a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the advertising and television landscape in South Africa. She is currently in pursuit of a bigger dream, one that is fueled by her adventurous heart and passion to tell stories that are raw, inspirational and relevant to the human spirit.