Waking up, every day, to parents who leave the house early to catch the morning commute to work might seem like a normal experience for most kids. 

Yes! The 9-5 for some of us is the “cliche” way of life and this is because that’s the mindset we were taught as children. 

We were told to graduate from high school, proceed to college and come out with decent grades, get a job with a good and secure company, work for them for close to 35 years and retire with “hopefully” enough to live out your retirement.

Amongst the list of individuals brought up this way is Serial Entrepreneur Rio Osorio.

Thinking Different

Rio grew up in a small copper mining town situated at Globe, Arizona. He was born and raised in a blue-collar household by his mom and stepfather who were both extremely hard workers but had strong ‘Employee Mindsets.’

From an early age, Rio noticed that his thought pattern was different. 

The idea of getting up early and making an unpaid commute to work to make someone else rich never sat right with him.

He had difficult relationships with his family members because he saw life through a different lens. He often kept the things he was working on to himself because he knew they wouldn’t understand. 

As a creative person, Rio always looked for ways to improve upon or disrupt the way everyone else was doing things; from advertising, websites, funnels, copywriting, etc. which helped to set him apart from his competitors.

For him being an entrepreneur was the only option! 

“I’m just not built to have people telling me what to do. I’ve been this way as far back as I can remember. It’s a desire.  I’ve always had big dreams, big goals, and a blue-collar work ethic.

I think it is crucial to always have a big target to shoot for.  This helps me push forward and get creative in the way I approach things to achieve my goals.” – Rio explains.

Of course, he knew this wouldn’t be an easy feat to accomplish. It was a far-fetched dream but it wasn’t impossible. He had no one to inspire him or guide him back to the right path when he made a mistake.

Facing Challenges

Everyone is an Entrepreneur these days and most people make it look like it’s so easy on social media. Rio explains that it’s been anything but easy- In entrepreneurship, you’ll experience the highest highs and the lowest lows.

Rather than building a brand that hides behind a mask, Rio chose to create something authentic. This wise decision has gotten him to where he is today.

Authenticity has proven time and again to be the number one motivating factor for customers to patronize a brand.

So instead of flashing material possessions like sports cars, expensive homes, and designer clothing, Rio focused his energy on being the most authentic version of himself. This helped him build client trust and brand loyalty. 

Each time a prospect or a returning client reaches out to Rio, he presents them with his skills and results, not some fancy accolade.

Networking with like-minded individuals also opened up new opportunities for Rio.

“The greatest obstacle I faced at the start of my business was my ego; back then I thought I had it in me to do everything on my own- I thought I was superman! Over time I learned to put my ego down and ask for help and mentorship, from then on, everything changed for the better.” 

By partnering with entrepreneurs that share his goals and interests, Rio has built a ridiculous amount of credibility and brand equity. 

Rio preaches hard work and consistency, these two things have helped him stay relevant in his field and get results for his clients.

Grooming Good Habits, Values, and Principles

Ever heard of the F.O.C.U.S principle? -Follow-One-Course-Until-Success

In a time when information is spread out everywhere, focusing on one thing has become difficult. Lack of focus plagued Rio for many years until he learned the F.O.C.U.S principle.

It’s no surprise that after implementing this principle he has built multiple successful businesses and partnerships. 

Self Education

Rio describes himself as a perpetual learner.

“Simple actions like reading 10 pages of a good book every day made a massive difference in my life.”- Rio says.

As a matter of fact, Rio is an avid reader. His current favorite book is No B.S Wealth Attraction In The New Economy written by the late Dan S. Kennedy.

To stay at the top of his game, Rio observes and studies fortune 500 companies and top business superstars and reverse engineers the processes they use in scaling massive organizations and building followership.

This process of testing and experimentation helps him identify what’s working currently, so he can use the data to help his businesses as well as his client’s firms too.

Rio’s also a big believer in reliability and loyalty.

“Most professionals treat individuals like a dollar sign instead of someone they can truly help and add value to. I choose my clients and partners carefully, stay loyal to them and give them 110% every day!”- Rio

Sparking Motivation 

Inspiration can be drawn from a lot of sources. For someone like Rio, Inspiration comes from the journey ahead. He loves everything about building businesses, both the good and the bad. He thinks of entrepreneurship as his Home, and where he feels the most comfortable.

Rio also draws motivation from his wife and kids. Time freedom is a massive bonus of being an entrepreneur he says, and being able to wake up every morning and have breakfast with his wife and kids is his ultimate success.

Doing this regularly helps him recollect the wonderful opportunities he’s been given and the great things he’s achieved so far.

Trust The Process 

Where do you see yourself ten to fifteen years from now? Will all the actions you’re taking right now lead you there?

Rio asked himself this same question. 

Over the next couple of years, Rio sees his brand taking on bigger companies that are in need of a marketing re-boot, he’s really passionate about building brands and injecting life back into businesses. And he’s obviously not afraid to face a challenge.

On a parting note

Here’s a piece of advice Rio believes every business owner who’s trying to scale their brand should know;

“I feel like most businesses haven’t scratched the surface of their potential because they still operate like they are in the 90s’.  They are afraid to change, to adapt to a new and ever-changing economy we live in. 

Being Unique is key! 

To stand out you have to possess distinct features. This is where most people fail. Its human nature to fit in with the crowd and not stand out. Maybe that’s why the few who aren’t afraid to stand out are crushing it!”