What does all of this purpose talk really mean? I would have to say that this is a recent phenomena that has been adopted into my language and, ultimtely life. Well, if I am to be honest, prior to deciding that I need to discover purpose I had only been going with the general intention. Up until a few years ago I was general about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, but honestly I can’t say that I was intentional about each step. I mean, let’s think about it for a moment: It is said that you go to school, do well in school so you can get into a ‘good’ college. Then you go to college or university and have to do ‘well’ so that you can get into a ‘great’ grad program or get a ‘good’ job. Then you get a good job (if it is after right after undergrad or some graduates studies) that pays ‘good’ money so you can buy your house, the car and take a vacation when it is decided by your employer. But what are the words ‘good,’ ‘well’ or even ‘great’ really saying? And how do these types of concepts really tie to or help one unearth the purpose in the person who is forging this path? I had great ideas in school, but I really didn’t know what I was shooting for. And when the fog did slightly clear, I can’t really say that it was ever asked of me if I felt like what I was doing aligned with my purpose or even what that purpose was.

The intent behind purpose is for each human being, each breathing soul, to figure out exactly what they were created for and then, within all of their realm of capibities, work to live that out with full form and commitment. It doesn’t have to be a specific profession or occupation, but purpose lies in the heart of each one of us as a message. We are all created to say something. Not just with words, but in the very nature of who we are and in everything we do. Once this purpose is discovered, that person can now be intentional about living it. If you have not discovered your life message, you cannot live an intentional life, because you are a wandering soul accepting and acclimating to the messaging of other people.

The whole purpose behind ‘purpose’ is for you to know what you are to say. The intent is figuring out how to say it. To be intentional is about ‘saying’ it in all that you do from that moment on. For some this is called a moment of epiphany or ‘aha.’ This thing within each of us, though, must be what we search throughout our lives to discover. From birth the question should be ‘what do you want to say when you grow up?’ not ‘what do you want to be?’

It is here, at the crossroads of purpose and intent, that a fiery soul is usually born. For me this happened after a major crisis involving a broken heart, a sick child, a difficult career situation and a turmoltous divorce. At this point I realized that my message is to show other women that their scars are not their shame, nor their badge of honor, but a key part in the development to birth their God-given gift. This gift is not for them to keep, but rather the true gift comes in giving and sharing what they have learned with others. My life motto encapsulates this:

Sharing the lessons of my journey to help you with your own. -Lydia Elle

And no, I don’t do this in just one way (I do not believe you have to), but this message is interwoven in every thing I do. Whether I am speaking at a conference or university, writing a blog, working on a chapter for a book, singing at a concert, writing a song for an artist, or teaching my daughter a lesson for her homeschool day, I incorporate my honest journey in it all, because I am passionate about what my purpose is and feel so blessed to have discovered it!

Living each day with intention, means living each day understanding that the message — your purpose — needs to be shared today too. Then you search for a way to make that happen.

So… ‘what do you want to say when you grow up?’ 🙂



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  • Lydia Elle

    "Sharing the lessons of my journey to help you with your own."

    Lydia Elle is the founder and CEO of Supplies For Allies™️ and a strategist and speaker on allyship, womanhood and business. Lydia is also a best-selling author who speaks on the importance of embracing all aspects of life and approaching each moment with authenticity and hope. Sparked by her daughter catching a few glimpses of the George Floyd murder and the recent events at our nation's capital, Lydia founded Supplies For Allies, the antiracism platform that provides training, resources and products on allyship. Her goal is for "Antiracism to become so common in everyday life that Supplies For Allies goes out of business! Supplies consults with organizations to be intentional about creating an antiracism and allyship culture and also is the home of The Allyship Calendar™️, that individuals can subscribe to doe daily support on their allyship journey. To learn more go to SuppliesForAllies.com.