The International DJ Casper, also known as Joseph Wright, is a musical prodigy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cas is a self-taught musical genius, learning the ins and outs of the art form at the early age of5 while watching his older brothers bring home the latest DJ equipment. At age 13, following in his older brothers’ footsteps, Cas stepped into the local DJ scene. He began DJ’ing at neighborhood house parties known as “Dollar Parties”. It was here that The International DJ Casper’s fan base started and continues strong to this day, across the United States and The United Kingdom. As a teenager, Cas was given the opportunity to display his unique DJ style at a local young adult night club venue – Dances. It was here that he was nicknamed “The Youngest in Charge” and became a local celebrity.

His advanced usage of harmony, rhythm, percussion and production awarded him the title of “Best Club DJ” by Bobby (Dance) McLean and Christopher “Redz” Wayman at the age of 13. He was featured at the largest club venues, college tours, DJ competitions, and did guest appearances on radio stations. Cas has toured with the late Gerald Levert on the Live Vibe Tour traveling as far as Europe and South America. Cas has since gained notoriety in the industry by opening up for artists such as Akon, Ryan Leslie, Young Jeezy, Omarion, Busta Rhymes, Mase, Diddy, and many more.

As he mastered the art of DJ’ing and fell in love with the sounds that he heard by mixing records and beat juggling, he wanted to take his craft to the next level and create the music that he played in the clubs. The International DJ Casper had discovered his passion for music production.

In 2004, he scored 6 tracks on a Maverick Platinum Film titled Ski Trippin Da Movie”. He continued to produce for a variety of local talent as he continued his DJ career.

In 2007, Cas launched his own independent label – Caspaws Music Group, it is here that Casper pushes the outer limits of “what music is” and “what music will be” in the future. Experimenting with the most obscure yet distinctive sounds that he himself creates using his own body and the environment around him, Caspaws Music Group is producing sonically ground breaking work. His newest works include a song called, “Snack” where he is the sole artist, writer, and producer of the record.

Since 2010, Cas has received countless credits for his work on TV and film. Cas made his acting debut in the 2015 movie “Brotherly Love” where he starred as the DJ in the movie. He was credited with the song “No Clothes Zone” which he produced for the movie “Deadpool”. Cas has written and produced songs for Empire, Star, Four Weddings and Fox Sports News. Cas is no stranger to Reality TV either, participating in tapings for MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and PHL Live Award Show. In 2012 Cas signed with Rodney (DarkChild) Jerkins as the exclusive DJ for DarkChild Records and in 2013, Cas became the official DJ for 104.7 FM (KUDK) and Music Choice.

With the onset of COVID-19, the prodigy will soon release an album called “The Last Few Days” written in response to the uncertainty that so many are feeling as a result of the latest public health crises.

“He dances and parties with the crowd, giving the crowd a piece of him, it’s truly amazing” said one party goer who regularly attends Cas Parties.

 “You’ve never felt on top of the world and truly invincible until you’ve partied with The International DJ Casper” said another frequent party goer.

“You never know where the music is going, one song unassumingly transitions into another, it’s so smooth and then the night climaxes with the hottest songs, you look up and it’s over already!” said another.

Cas is also the co-founder of two cutting edge organizations that are preserving and pushing the boundaries of the art form. Cas is a member of The Senate DJs, an international organization that supports and promotes a multicultural slate of talented turntablists whose technical ability and experience span levels from novice to master.

iTalk Events was co-founded by The International DJ Casper and his partner Jen Donnell in 2019. The platform merges leadership content, pop culture and stage drama together, birthing a new genre of entertainment termed “motivational nightlife.” iTalk’s 2019-2020 season included LIVE performances in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles, featuring celebrities like Chanel West Coast, Philly Freeway, Ali Levine, Desiree Rogers and others. Cas continues to re-create himself, expanding upon his capabilities, reach and influence; he has mastered the art of DJing and music production and has recently taken on the role as Chief Executive Office of motivational nightlife.





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