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So this week we had some great Culture Classes.

One of the 40 zeitgeisty subjects that we talked about (within the 60-minute class) was The IRONY of Instagram.

We all know about the loads of research proving the links between social media use and mental health issues. It’s no surprise.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, a study was published in the highly-esteemed JAMA Psychiatry: It only takes 3 hours of social media use per day to cause higher chances of depression, anxiety, aggression, and antisocial behavior in teenagers.

The irony, however, is that there is a current groundswell of teenagers using social media, specifically on Instagram, to talk about their mental health issues.

How interesting is it that within the last couple weeks these pieces were published?:

“Therapy Influencers” Are Using Instagram To Spread Mental Health Awareness – Teen Vogue
Mental Health Illustrations On Instagram Create Community – Bustle
“The Rise of the ‘Getting Real Post’ on Instagram” – The New Yorker

The Positive: Teenagers will be able to learn and identify with influencers suffering from mental health issues.

But shouldn’t they just get off the platform anyway since it’s the very cause of their mental health issues anyway?

Gosh. How confusing. It’s like learning about alcoholism while getting drunk at a bar.

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