Disorganization and Anxiety put many workers down, affecting their productivity.

Are the last-minute deliveries and strict deadlines stressing you? But in any eCommerce or a multinational company, it isn’t always the work that causes stress. Your physical work environment and your colleagues around you can be a reason too. What else? Even bad work relations and miscommunication can create a stressful atmosphere. Whatever be the reason, it can affect your attitude, productivity, and overall performance.

The key is to identify what realistic changes can be made to have an overall positive impact leading to a stress-free mind. To thrive well in such toxic work culture, here are some ideas that can help create a stress-free work environment.

Add Some Personal Touch to Your Space

Any time you feel low, a special thing or your favorite memory can help boost your mood. It’s always a great idea to add some personal items to your cabin, cubicle, or desks like family or friends photographs, a special mug or toy, or any such thing that has feelings or memories attached to it.

A Functional and Clean Workspace

The benefits of a clean and ergonomic workstation can positively impact both mental and physical well-being. Always remember, “Mess can cause stress.” It’s high time that you organize the phone, files, paperwork, laptops, magazines, etc., in a filing system or shelf to create a space that not only looks neat but equally organic.

Take Breaks

It’s always a good idea to give yourself some scheduled mental breaks. After every, some hours or minutes take time to relax. You can look around in the office, get up from your work seat and go to some calmer place or corner to go into a relaxing mode.

Learn to Handle Interruptions and Distractions

Seated next to someone who constantly chats and distracts? Or is your seat near a large and equally noisy window? If yes, then either start ignoring all of these things or start handling them with grace.

Add Stress-Reducing Décor to Your Desk

Do you know adding plants and floral in your surroundings can be a huge stress-buster? Adding some greenery to your work desk won’t only help bring the outdoors in your indoors but also help purify the air around. Moreover, plants can reduce the temperature around and increase positive feelings.

Consider Redecorating

Believe it or not, the wall colors, décor, and lighting in your surroundings greatly impact how you think and feel. Warm and neutral hues always tend to be calming and have a positive impact even on your thinking.

To make your office space more comfortable, also ensure that the lighting around you is right. Instead of fluorescent, opt for warmer and more organic ambient lights.

Do not forget to ensure that the chair you sit on is ergonomically designed and doesn’t hurt your back. The chair must have wheels for mobility with back and armrests for added support for you have to spend hours sitting in it.