I didn’t expect much from the film depicting a clown, scary and sick character who would presumably kill and laugh. That said, I did give it a try as I usually do to a well rated piece of content. And it exceeded all expectations, giving me such an emotional arousal I didn’t experience for a while.

The ”Joker” movie leaves a very strong message: kindness will save the world. Or at least those people around you who need a hug instead of an arrogant smile.

Arthur Fleck wants to make people smile, to be a good son and live in a kind society. Which he would do, if it wasn’t for his bitter childhood experience. He grew up deprived of good memories, having a negative perception of the world as a painful place. Being adult, he finds himself in a double reality: in the first one he is able to date, make a career as a comedian and get to know his dad, and in the other one people are afraid and despise him, making his recovery less and less probable.

While watching the movie, I had a feeling as if the director shouted to the audience: ”People, learn another person’s story before judging them or getting afraid; be courageous enough to be kind and helpful; empower instead of discouraging”. Such an attitude won’t just do good to others who’s day may become so much better because of your kind word, but will get right back at you in a way you wouldn’t expect. Compassion and empathy can go a long way making yourself a happier person.

The Joker is everyone of us, with the only difference that he was raised in unhealthy conditions, beaten and abused by his mother and her boyfriend. And telling his story in such an artistic and touching way is nothing but a good deed which will hopefully make all millions watching the movie a bit more empathetic and compassionate.