When was the last time you felt in control of defining your journey? One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned this past year is that nothing is guaranteed. Still, even in unpredictable times, preparation is the key to overcoming challenges and becoming the hero of your journey. 

For Bill Allen, CEO of 7-Figure Flipping, his journey began when he received his ROTC scholarship for the Navy. He traded in his soccer uniform for a military one. There are two vital consistent elements to life in the military that have been transformative for him: The unpredictability of where he’d be headed to next and being surrounded by a community no matter where he went. 

If there’s one thing Bill Allen knows, it’s consistently turning uncertainty into opportunity. An entrepreneur at heart, he used the frequent moves during his military service to carve out a new path in real estate. 

At first, Bill bought and rented a few houses, mainly in Pensacola, Florida. It took him ten properties to decide that he needed to change his investment strategy. In 2014, Allen sold one of his properties to make a serious profit. That is when he decided to add flipping houses to his real estate investing portfolio. It was around that time that he came upon a community of experienced investors that offered mentorship, business advice, and networking opportunities. 

“It’s important to surround yourself with the right people who know and do more than you do. I don’t want to be the person in the room who knows the most,” says Bill. 

For Bill, it’s essential to be around those who will not only motivate you but push you to challenge yourself to reach the next level, and he’s no stranger to pushing beyond the limits. When it comes to success in every aspect of his life, determination and preparation have been constant. 

However, preparation can only take you so far if you are not ready to act. 

He did not wait until he was “fully prepared” to leap into his real estate career. Bill remained in the Navy full-time while he jumped into a new venture because acting was the best way to stay ready while building flexibility into his regimented life. That flexibility has helped him navigate life’s uncertainties, from military moves to his son James’s heart surgeries, to an unprecedented pandemic sweeping the globe. 

No amount of preparation can prepare a parent to deal with their child having to have multiple heart surgeries within the first few years of his life. For Bill Allen, although community has always been important in life and business, his son’s surgeries were pivotal in making one thing clear:  

Surrounding yourself with the right community can make all the difference in the world when overcoming the highs and lows during your journey.

Community as strength

Those who come to Bill for advice on real estate investing know that they can expect to receive practical strategies rooted in real experiences by someone who’s whole-heartedly invested in his community.  Bill doesn’t shy away from sharing with his community the struggles and vulnerabilities he faced in his personal life. For him, what started as another business venture grew into a supportive community where he continues to pay it forward by sharing his system to others learning how to be the hero of their journey. 

That’s why Bill is excited to bring this year’s Flip Hacking Live, the flagship 3-day event for house flippers and wholesalers, right into his community’s homes. It was the 7-Figure Flipping mastermind group that changed his mindset and approach to life and business, leading him to create a successful real estate company. Blackjack Real Estate ranked #206 on the INC 500 awards of America’s fastest-growing private companies and #6 in real estate, with a whopping three-year revenue growth of 2,081%. Bill has always been devoted to sharing his knowledge with others. He decided to turn the uncertainty of this year into an opportunity to create a brand-new experience. 

This is more than just another virtual event. It’s a community coming together in a safe environment where they will be with others who have similar vulnerabilities and fears, working on building a successful business in uncertain times. There is no fluff in the 7-Figure Flipping mastermind group. It’s real people sharing real advice in a supportive environment, helping you overcome your struggles. 

Why learn about house flipping now? Because when genuine opportunities come, you can join the wave of people learning them, or you can already be in a position to succeed. Flip Hacking Live will help ensure that you’re part of the latter group.

So, are you ready to give yourself permission to succeed at the next level, learning Bill’s house flipping secrets from the comfort of your own home? You can register today and use the promo code FLIP5 to get exclusive bonus recordings from previous events. For more information, or to claim a ticket now, visit: https://fliphackinglive.com/virtual2020.