When you enter into the depths of your insecurities, shortfalls and pain, you enter in the opportunity of freedom. To understand this freedom you must understand and confront the feelings that had denied you of this.

Nine times out of ten, there is a direct connection from these adverse feelings to an experience or example set by your parents or caregivers (which was likely set by their own parents). Releasing the pain also means releasing the stranglehold of the limitations of your parents, or limitations set by your parents, and the journey they chartered.

Their experience, as it is distinct and separate, though interrelated, with your own. We all have our own lessons to learn, and to identify yours, you must separate it from theirs.

Recently, I had been sensing feelings from my own mothers journey rise in my life. I felt feelings of shame, of regret, of hopelessness. Feelings that pervaded her life (she is deceased), and feelings that directly impacted my inner dialogue and outer experiences. And even though I am a tireless proponent of inner peace, I realized still more pain needed to be overcome in order for a deeper peace to fall upon my life.

So what did I do? I chose to transmute those feelings. To remember a new experience from the old and chose to overcome the feelings with affirmations that contradicted them, and enforced my determined sense of well being and love. I went to the depth of them, and noted how they had influenced my life, and lovingly affirmed they were no longer welcomed in my experience.

While acknowledge both the negative and positive impacts her pain had in my life; in developing empathy, awareness and experiences that brought me deeper cognition of what love is, I released the limitations of the profound impact of her journey on my own. And I lovingly gave my mother, in the afterworld, a transmutation of her own journey through this process.

In this sacred week I invite you to be the forerunner in your own journey. In releasing others journeys on your own and gaining clarity, discernment and courage to embrace your calling and your mission. Because, the world needs your journey to illuminate the delusions of lack, the misguided notions of struggles, and the innate limitations that we grew up affected by. What the world needs most is people that love themselves. People that accept themselves, and people that are prepared to do the work required to achieve peace in their lives. The peace that we want to see in the world, can only be reflected from our own sense of inner peace.


Caitlin Hayes is a spiritual author, attorney and spiritual development coach. Find out more information here.

Originally published at medium.com