Get free enough to live, laugh, and love

I’ve always been a people person, not too socially involved, but observant- watching people shop, eat, and interact with others to being captivated by their foreign and deep accents, as well as their cultural differences.

I see all people as sojourners. It doesn’t matter how grounded we may be in our own families, circle of friends, or community, we all are on a journey called life. Daily, we are exploring, experimenting, and experiencing life at our own pace and rhythm. Some fast. Some slow. Some are on a journey to parenting, pioneering businesses, traveling the world, and much more.

When I would see the smiles on people faces as they shared their journey and their experiences, it was encouraging. They would have so much passion in their eyes as they shared their stories. I felt like I was on the journey right along with them. I was fascinated by their excitement. I wasn’t sure if it was because I found solace in their joy, or that they knew what they wanted in life and went after it. One thing was clear though, and that was, I had no clue about what I was doing with my life or where I was going. LOL

I was thrilled with everyone’s success story, so much so, I sold Mary Kay too, Shakeology, Body Bi Vi, Essential Oils-mainly to see if I would experience that same passion. That is, until I found myself sitting in yet another meeting this time contemplating becoming a travel agent. As much as I enjoyed watching people live what seem to be their best life, deep down inside, I knew I had no interest or desire to travel let alone become a travel agent.

I was and still am a country girl-born and raised. I was used of walking down dusty lanes and streets where everyone in the neighborhood knew each other. Riding bicycles and playing baseball in the church yard was my forte. I couldn’t fathom the hassle of flying in and out of airports, onboarding and exiting planes, and sitting for hours feeling cramped. It was not something I’ve ever desired.

BUT..there I was giving more of my precious time listening to another passionate person sharing how amazing and wonderful his life was as a travel agent. He talked about all the places he traveled, the wonderful people he met, all the delicious food he ate and on and on.

Those people were living. I sat and realized that I was immersed in celebrating other people journey, I had not begun my own. I was merely existing not living. The minute I decided that I would tap into what I really wanted to do with my life, I got an unexpected phone call that made me realize that I needed to start living because tomorrow was and is not promised.

Journey Down Memory Lane

I had to travel back home, which was Louisiana, because my mother was terminally ill. A week before that phone call, I talked with her and she never mentioned that she was sick. I stood over her frail body with tubes running down her throat in much prayer. The journey down memory lane of my childhood left me with no recollection of what my mother’s journey was like. I found myself wondering as I stood over her, “What was her passion, her story, her journey like?  In that moment, I realized that I had not begun my own journey and perhaps one day my children would wonder those same questions about me.

I had 3 children that I wanted to share not only my journey with but life experiences with. I wanted them to celebrate other people’s life but have one of their own. I wanted them to explore their gifts, talents, and abilities while creating memories and sharing the excitement of their journey with others. The good book says, “it’s better to give than to receive. So, while it is good to receive the gift of life that others share with us, it is better to share ours with them.

The day my mother closed her eyes Broke me…but Freed me to begin my life’s journey with more to give than I could ever receive and I wanted it to be done with much love, laughs, and passion.