It was the spring season. The silky sun shines paved the room with beauty, and birds singing created the needed musical background, but as I woke up my throat started to hurt while swallowing.

I ignored the discomfort and assumed dryness of the mouth. Nevertheless the discomfort got worse and I couldn’t go to work.

Im not feeling well!! I sighted in front the doctor after I entered the clinic room. He started asking me few questions to find out why my throat hurts!!

“My dear” he said, it’s a throat infection. I asked him to explain further. He described how our body lives in between million of germs including bacteria, viruses, fungi and many others. During season changing the germs can enter the human body more readily, and attack the various organs but the most common are the nasal passages and throat area.

The two main types of germs most common affecting humans are viruses and bacteria. When a virus enters the body it act like a visitor and stays for a period of 3 to 5 days then leaves the body without the need for any medicine, but bacteria comes in with a residency visa and doesn’t leave, that’s why it need  to be killed with a weapon.

I asked about the weapon needed to kill bacteria. The doctor replied: “Antibiotic” they are group of drugs which has only one function in the body: killing bacteria. So if it was a viral infection then it won’t work.

At the end of the visit the doctor mentioned that its difficult to say what I have as the symptoms with both virus and bacteria are the same and its only after 2 days we can know.

For now he recommended some warm water gargling and honey- lime drink.

I left the clinic overwhelmed with the amazing world of germs and decided to allow the body have its say!!