Relish the five year old girl getting ready for her day. She has a very definitive idea of what she is going to wear. Her wishes are all or nothing. The combination of clothes she pulls out of her closet and over her head reflects how she sees herself today. Her happiness is self-imposed by the choices she makes.

Young girls grow to women entering working life, moving from employment during school years to beyond in what we stake as our career. We travel through various roles in a day, let alone a season of life. As we learn to move, adjust, and shift through the twists and turns, settling or striving; we learn the boundaries that come with each choice. Self-expression with our clothing is a means to come to know who we are.

Clothes play in to our life experience as yet another input that determines output of energy and experience. Like choices of food, drink, lifestyle/rest/motion and how we manage stress that guide and decide our life experience, clothing we wear echoes to the world who we are.

3 tips to emulate more of you:

1. Dress for the part you want. Express your edge. Get your glow on with color and combinations that energize you, within the definition of your role. Consider if the self you imagine in three to six months or two years from now would wear what you have in your closet.

2. Be comfortable in your skin and clothes. There is no merit in pain. If you really love walking in five inch heels, then go for it. If you are mandated by a dress code to don a tightly cinched waist, restricted collar or neck scarf that makes you squirm then follow the pull of pain to find another play act with a dress code that you can slip into.

3. Examine your rebellion. The call of the all knowing best part of yourself will nudge, encourage and shout until you move toward a role aligned who you are meant to be. Begin building your outer self to mirror your dreams. Gradually release old parts of your wardrobe as you would behaviors that no longer serve you. Make new choices that nourish you to feel your best.

Wear clothes like you wear life. Choose your outfit as you do your attitude and food. Wear more of what makes you feel good to energize you optimally. Clothing and how we arrange it is a reflection of how we think and feel about ourselves and the part we are playing. There is a vast freedom of choices available to you no matter your available resources. Freedom is everything!

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