Tribe (noun):

  • any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor,community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.
  • a class or set of persons, especially one with strong common traits or interests.
  • a large family.

Seth Godin popularized this concept several years ago in his book Tribes. Technology is connecting the people of this planet in wonderful ways. Seth discusses how the Internet can connect people but it can’t lead people. We need leaders to step up and find their message to get out into the world. And then people who believe in it, who want to learn more, and who are ready to follow will come together—to form a digital tribe.

I recently spent a week at Mindvalley University. This is a new concept disrupting standard education. Mindvalley is a personal growth company that is bringing together people from all over the world to various cities each summer for a month for learning, growing, and connecting. After spending a week in Tallin, Estonia, meeting incredible people and learning so much, I’m sold on this concept.

It’s a bit ironic because when I graduated from my “normal” university, I was so fed up with education and learning, I said to myself “that’s it, I’m done! I never want to study again! Now I’m ready to live!”

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was fed up with THAT system of learning. Since then, I’ve been a life long learner, just focusing in on the things that I am passionate and curious about. So the concept of Mindvalley University fits me well…and is showing us a new way for learning.

There were over 50 nationalities represented and with every person I met, there were at least two if not more countries involved. For example, they were from a certain country, but now living in another or had lived in several. I also met several people who called themselves digital nomads, meaning they didn’t have a home at all but just traveled the world as they worked. They also had programs for children so the age range is from 2 to 80! This was diversity and inclusion at its best!

The common thread with this particular Tribe is that everyone wants to make the world a better place. It is inspiring to see and gives so much hope for our future!

I had the opportunity to share my message about transforming the corporate world by bringing joy to the workplace through engagement and trust. It was great to be able to share to such a large audience. Those who truly resonated with the message connected with me afterwards and it will be interesting to see where this particular event will lead to.

According to research from Harvard, developing yourself, personal growth, is one of the key motivators for people today. I also believe that with all the technological changes coming our way in the next decade, investing in yourself to discover your passions, your purpose, and how you want to make an impact to the world, will be the key to living a fulfilled and happy life.

Afterall, it’s YOUR life! What are you doing to do to reach YOUR fullest potential? Who are you meant to serve? Just remember, there is immense joy in finding your tribe!