I recently shared with my leadership community that I had to make a major decision in my enterprise the other week. It has resulted in me embarking on this incredible adventure. Not to say it’s been easy. I’ve had more “start overs” than I’d like to admit. 

 I’ve coached myself a lot through this endeavor due to all of my start overs. 

Matter of fact, I just had a huge start over yesterday! So I’ve committed to finding the joys. I’ll share a snippet of this journey…

With starting over, my brain wanted to place blame on someone else (like reviewers’ hard feedback of my enterprise proposals). I’ve had clients similarly place blame: “They told me that they were going to do X for me! Now that I don’t have X it’s their fault!” When I received hard reviewer feedback yesterday, I wanted to quit and had to remind myself of my true why. I had a reviewer tell me “I had to read your proposal over and over because I had no clue what it was about!” Sigh. 

 1) An executive lifestyle is knowing your true why and taking responsibility for your outcome. 

Or stories like…

Since I had to literally start over, my brain has wanted to place blame on the industry (“This company/industry is not fair! I can’t get ahead. This industry is a joke.”) Maybe you’ve experienced or heard this one too!  

What is happening is that my mind was telling me stories to avoid risk and be in protection-mode. It was trying to keep me safe in the cave. I get it. 

However, the difference between living an executive lifestyle is that I realize these thoughts and feelings a lot faster and I let them go. These are thoughts and feelings designed to keep me small and in the cave. They don’t serve me. 

I’ve been reminded throughout this experience that (and reminding myself of my true why) is that – start over’s are the essence of wealth and a rich life!

2) I’s not the starting over, but the thoughts and feelings you attach with starting over. 

This applies to other things too. For example, if you are persistently disappointed with things in your life (e.g. products you buy, your relationships, or your employment) it is because of what’s in your head! It’s you, you are the x-factor. Once you make a decision that you are successful no matter what and coach your thoughts, feelings, and actions on this, life becomes a lot more lavish and wealthy. 

Become free from your own thoughts and emotions that are antithetical to an executive lifestyle. Once you do your actions change and everything around you changes! 

Empower your thoughts, feelings, and actions to serve you. Once you do you help the broader community because you start to live lavishly!

Create joy in the journey and everything changes in your journey and your life. 

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