It is true that when we look around the world, we can see all of its beauty. We can marvel at the sky, the sun, the animal kingdom, the fish in the sea, and the many kinds of humans creating a glorious tapestry. Albert Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life: As though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”

Each day, hundreds of thousands of new souls in new bodies are born with beautiful delicate intricacies like eyes, little toes, fingers, organs, and beating hearts. Each day, the sun rises and all beings around the globe wake to create a symphony of these beating hearts and thinking minds — all blessed with the ability to live another day. Life is good. Love is all around us. Miracles do abound. There is a Divine perfection weaving through your life.

If we try, we can see our lives perfect as they are right now without any doubts, judgements, worries, or regrets. Each morning, take a deep breath. Start to think about the whole of your life, meditating upon all your blessings, talents, and gifts – the many treasures, you possess. Are you including the breath of life? The gift of having another day in which to live, to love, and to learn? Are you including those you love? The sky, the sun, the moon, and the warm eyes of a friend? You have people in your life who care for you. You have hands to give and to sustain others. Feel the life you are living and feel gratitude for all of your blessings.

You see, the secret of joy is knowing that you are receiving exactly what you need to at each moment. Your life is the most perfect system possible — designed especially for you. When we come into this world, our soul chooses the precise environment and family to help our karma be resolved. We chose the parents we have, and even the way we look. Everything is designed for our own best interest. The pain of looking at another with jealousy is really believing the Creator doesn’t know what He is doing. Jealousy is the greatest destroyer of joy. As I have often said, the punishment of jealousy is just that — being jealous. Joy is knowing that everything in our lives is exactly as it should be.

Perhaps, if you can, find time this week to take a walk and bathe in all the glory of your life. Tilt your head up to the sky and laugh. How rich you truly are! Focus and see all the treasures in your life, the people who love you, and the people who need your love. Each one of us is a survivor, and a mighty ruler over our own lives. This week, let us rejoice in this and all that is good.

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