When our children begin school for the first time, there is not much we
can do once they leave our hands. They are placed in the hands of the
teachers, while our own hands are far away from them. But, what we can
do is send them into the world with the wisdom we teach and the love we
give. We have the power to hold them, instead, with our words and
thoughts. In the morning, we can look into the eyes of our children and
say, “Today is going to be a great day for you. I can feel it. Remember,
I love you and no matter what happens today, you can handle it. The
Creator is with you, even while I am not.” These kind of words become
powerful protective shields against fears, doubts, or the bullies of the
world. Most importantly, they are words that heal. Where there is a
broken spirit, words of encouragement rejuvenate and make us whole
again. Broken hearts and weary minds are made anew, all from simple
words of love. Words from the heart are like sparkling diamonds we can
clutch when the night gets too dark, when the world grows too cold, or
when we forget there are people in the world who love us. Such words of
course should not just be for children, but for everyone. We,
too, are like little children inside who still need the power of words
to help us heal and build our lives.

Sometimes all we need in life is a little encouragement from a friend to get us through tough times. You can pick someone up off the ground of despair with the strength of an encouraging word spoken from the heart. Words do indeed have the power to lift us up. We all face difficulties. We all are afraid to face the world sometimes. We all get scared. How vital it is to have at that moment a loving friend, parent, or sibling whisper lovingly in our ears, “You can do this. I know you can. It is going to work out. You will be fine. And I’ll be there if you need me. I love you.”

Words of love and encouragement are not a luxury, but a vital medicine each and every one of us need to thrive in this world. If we are lucky, our hearts and souls are filled with words of love given to us by our parents. Or, we may have that one true friend who is there for us in the darkest moments of our lives. But if we are not so lucky, then it will be up to us to channel Divine love to ourselves. We can do it. Healing of our souls with words of love is possible no matter who we are or where we find ourselves in life. We may discover that words of love are our most necessary and essential tool.

If we can fill each day with kind words to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters, we, for sure, can create a world of peace and love. I don’t just believe it – I know it.

Originally published at kabbalah.com