Many people think that seat cushions are for those individuals living with health conditions or even those that spend big portions of their day in stationary positions. However, this should not be the case. The health benefits associated with these materials should be tapped by everybody either in working or home setup.  Be it in your kitchen, yard or even living room, and the seat cushions have numerous health benefits particularly to the tail bone, neck, and spine. Since there is no limit of use for the seat cushion, below is a simple breakdown of the users:

•    Frequent Travellers-The seat cushion is meant for the individual that spends most of their time travelling either by bus, planes or even personal vehicle. It could be for business purposes, for a holiday, as a job or simply for adventure. In this, a cushion will come in handy as it gives your entire back the much support it needs while travelling. The seat cushion is lightweight, and hence you will not have trouble carrying it around.

•    Wheel Chair Users-The seat cushion will be ideal for you whether you use the wheelchair just for a few hours or permanently. This is because it will help reduce the current pain by evenly distributing the body’s weight as you sit. You will, therefore, enjoy sitting down and ensure that you heal quickly in case it is temporary.

•    Office Workers-In the current corporate world, office workers spend a minimum of 8 hours sitting at their workplaces. Most of these fall in the category that lacks ergonomic chairs or even seat cautions. The result is that most will end up complaining of backaches and sooner complex health conditions develop. To avoid this, ensure that you have a seat cushion tucked in your chair at the workplace whenever you sit. It has a positive impact on the health, comfort and your overall productivity.

•    The Seniors/Elderly-The elderly and those with frail backs or conditions will find the seat cushion essential in their lives. This is because by giving their backs support, the cushion makes a difference in their day-to-day lives. They are able to travel, eat at the dinner table, and even rest comfortably at all times.

•    Post Operation Patients-People that are recovering from surgery will particularly find the seat cushion crucial. This is because it helps them during recovery as they are able to sit comfortably at different locations. Most patients are advised to avoid lying in bed for long periods to avoid sores. Walking around and sitting on a cushioned chair hence proves to be one of the ways to quicken your recovery.

•    Pregnant Women-Pregnant moms experience numerous changes in their bodies. These include changes in the emotional and physical frameworks of the body. In the latter, the mom will find that her weight increases as the baby grows. As such, a seat caution will come in handy at this period. It will help deal with conditions such as sore joints and sciatica that may develop at this stage. The cushions are highly portable, and hence pregnant mothers have the liberty of carrying them at any location. This will help keep both the baby and the mother safe and comfortable at all times.

•    Gamers-Those whose hobby is gaming will in most cases experience numbness or sharp pain when they stand up after long periods of sitting. Most will be so indulged in playing that in the long run, they develop back problems. This can be solved through the use of the seat cushion. Seating on this tool will ensure that you play for long periods without experiencing any kind of discomfort and consequently you play in a more focused manner.

The above indicates clearly that the seat cushion is not specifically meant to be used by only one set of people. It is essential to every human as at one point or another we are forced to sit on chairs for long which could have negative impacts, especially on our backs.