It is important to remember how powerful your thoughts are. This is no small thing that you can do in your spiritual practice. Remember that every loving thought you share blesses the whole universe and when you seem to be afraid, then the whole universe will inevitably reflect this, and you can even go as far as saying the whole universe will be afraid in your awareness of it.

So it is important to be free from fear as swiftly as possible, as there is really no point in holding onto limiting beliefs and thoughts. There is no shortcut in this, but there is an easy way.

You hold the key inside your own heart. Even you who may feel you have had a very difficult past have always had the key in your heart. This is big and it means that you can simply turn the key, and walk out of the prison that fear has built around you.

Now, the ego is a very tricky belief system, it is more slippery than a slippery fish, and it finds all kinds of ways to hide. The ego tries to disguise itself and keep from being known. It’s always under the surface lurking. Until you take the cover off and don’t protect it anymore. This is what the key is. And in the light, out in the open, the ego disappears. It has no power to scare you unless you give it power. So the learning is to pull our mind’s power away from the ego. The ego was made by belief, but it is the spell that we withdraw belief from.

The secret to making this a very short path is to realize that you have no reason for any guilt ever. There is not good guilt or bad guilt, there is no guilt. This is what the correction, or the light in the mind will show you, that there has never been a reason for guilt. Guilt is a product of linear time, it is always remembered from the past, or anticipated in the future, but right now, this moment, there is no guilt. So we must find a way to live in this moment, completely trusting that everything we need will be given to us, every person we are to meet, every need will be met. We can actually have a complete disinterest in the future, and our journey will be a journey together to see the reality of this fact. We will see that we can let go of trying to control the world, of trying to control relationships, of trying to control our bodies survival, of having to be in control of finances, and free of controlling the environment. The ego wants us to try to control instead of having a still mind. Instead of being very content and happy it tries to draw us into the appearances. It tries to teach us that some appearances are more important than other appearances, but the Spirit within sees that they are all the same, we can just pass them by, all of them, and feel the peace that was ours in our creation.

So we start to live more like the plants, I see the trees outside the window and they are very content. They don’t have the need to be busy, always moving, always doing. We can learn a lot from their majesty. The trees don’t give a thought to weather, sunny day, or cloudy day. They are just there beholding everything. We can allow ourselves to relax and be that content. It is the ego that invented the doer, and the ego tells us we are human doings. It would eliminate the idea of Being. The ego wants us to remain busy and distracted, and never stopping to appreciate the Being that we are. So this is a great opportunity for us to realize this and to come back to the simplicity of this moment, to begin to see that this is practical, and what we thought was practical before, striving and pursuing the future, has really never been practical.

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