With the onset of the digital age, brands and businesses have changed the way they market their products and services. Marketing has now shifted and there are new, innovative ways of putting your name out there. And those who better know the digital media and how it works has an advantage over anyone in the industry. Just like how Jennifer Brooks turned a side hustle into a full-time job and eventually becoming a mega influencer, entrepreneur, and founder of the biggest social media marketing agency in the world, International Loops. 

It wasn’t until Jennifer started posting photos of her children on Instagram that she had a content plan. Later on, she then became one of the most looked up to mom bloggers on Instagram. Her followers couldn’t get enough of her content and so in order to engage more with her audience, she was constantly running giveaway loops on her page. That’s where it all began.

Fast-forward to today, International Loops has now become a million-dollar business by helping individuals and brands from all walks of life grow on Instagram. Since 2015, the key to International Loops’ growth has been through building their brand on transparency by setting honest expectations and delivering on those results. While there are other social media marketing agencies that don’t deliver half of what they promise, International Loops and their social media marketing expertise remains unparalleled. 

Over the past five years, it has grown its reach into a collective global reach of over 500 million followers between their strategic partners from across the world. International Loops continues to dominate the industry because they are trusted by thousands of clients around the world for their industry experience and understanding of their clients’ needs. 

Their collaborative approach benefits clients now more than ever as they look to further grow on social media. Some clients even allocated bigger budgets to tap into what International Loops can bring for their brand. While International Loops focus on these big projects, there are also affordable campaigns which any brand can begin with.

Beyond their exceptional social media marketing, there is also a great team behind International Loops. Jennifer has cultivated a strategic team of partners to recruit some of the biggest celebrities and social media influencers to host their campaigns. She also focused on putting together a highly-qualified and experienced team of digital marketers and salesmen to fulfill their campaigns thus solidifying International Loops position as the industry leader in social media marketing.

Because of their expertise and a team of incredible digital marketers, they’ve pushed International Loops to become the biggest and longest-running giveaway growth campaign host in the industry. It’s not easy to differentiate your brand from the rest of those who claim to deliver results, but International Loops effortlessly proved why they are the brand to look up to in the industry.