Whether you’re coaching your soccer team, or you’re a manager at work dealing with teams. Building an effective team that works well is essential to success in life. No one is an island, and everyone has to work with others in one way or another at some point. Here are some fundamentals to consider when building a team and getting them to work together.

Create a Common Purpose and Vision

If you’re a team working on a project creating a project mission statement is invaluable in helping move everyone to the same page. It creates a united front that every member can get behind. Plus, the mission statement also serves as a guide to follow when making decisions on a value or moral argument. 

Allow for, and Respect Individuality

This is especially important in workgroups where there might be a mixture of introverts and extroverts working together. If you really want to create a very solid team it’s imperative that you accept everyone for their differences and individuality. Don’t try to make people change. It will create a rift in the team that can not be overcome.  

Develop Open and Effective Communication Between Members

Along with the rest of the team, develop the rules and guidelines to follow when communicating with each other. Ideally everyone should be able to provide their ideas without judgment. However, you can make some rules about them based on your vision statement and values and morals you’ve agreed to follow.

Don’t forget to include which platforms are for which types of communication.

Deal with Problems Immediately

When a problem happens, don’t sweep it under the rug. The problem with ignoring issues is that they don’t go away. They just get bigger, at least mentally. When a problem arises take a moment to deal with it using open communication. If you need a third party to help mediate do that too.

Accept That Perfection Does Not Exist

One issue that hinders teams is the notion of perfection. No matter what type of group you’re in, perfection doesn’t exist. Yes, you want to work hard and practice so that you can do an excellent job at whatever it is, but if you focus too hard on being perfect it can block your ability to do it good enough.

Let Everyone on The Team Shine

Even if you have a team leader, it’s a better idea to let everyone on the team lead. When you put other people in the lead for a day, or during a meeting, or even by giving them charge over a certain process, it helps build their confidence and makes for a much better and stronger team.

A team that has a shared vision and purpose who have built a trusting and close relationship can accomplish more than the individuals who make up the team. A close-knit team can work together to reach goals higher than you may have considered before you discovered the power of a united team.