Ross Franklin is the founder and CEO of the popular juice bar franchise, Pure Green. Franklin is featured a speaker at the annual cold pressed juice conference JuiceCon. Franklin was asked by the host of Juice Con, Good Nature, to speak on how juice bar owners can grow and expand their business.

Franklin’s mission is:

“To inspire healthier communities by connecting people with performance driven superfoods. Making an impact on people’s health is not an extension of our business, it is our business and it drives everything that we do, from how we source ingredients to who we hire and how we build relationships with our local communities.”

Pure Green smoothies are creamy drinks made with fruits, vegetables and all kinds of healthy foods: cereals, seeds, nuts, cold first pressure oils, etc. Rarely, they are usually made with a dairy product (vegetable drinks are usually preferred) and they are not usually added with sweeteners or refined sugars.

Pure Green is the fastest growing juice and smoothie bar in America with a menu that features superfood smoothies, acai bowls, pitaya bowls and cold-pressed juice.