Minimum wage, taking orders from unappreciative college kids, and working eleven hour work days aren’t the usual criteria that individuals seek in an occupation. Despite these “negative” aspects of work, the ladies in the cafe have taught me a few lessons about life. Please, join me while we take a trip to Cafe Brevè and examine the lessons that these ladies can teach us.

1. Treat every customer as a member of your family

Not only do the ladies at the cafe welcome you with a smile, but they give you that sense of care that doesn’t come along very often. The four or five employees differ in age and the diversity of personalities can better any poor mood. Their kindness goes above and beyond because of the genuineness that is paired with it. They do not play favorites and treat every customer as the most important, just as we should when partaking in daily communication.

2. Be consistently positive

Although they may be dealing with problems outside of their work life, the ladies at the cafe are always full of life. No matter the circumstances, they are positive and you can feel that in the atmosphere. It is never gloomy in the cafe and that is due to the repetitive smiles that come along with interaction in this environment. These ladies are living happily and they have formed this habit through being positive on a daily basis. It is amazing how much a simple attitude change can shift our lives.

3. Engage in meaningful conversation

The repetitiveness of transaction in today’s world can get very old and it seems to lose the personal aspect that many wish to have. The ladies in the cafe have gotten away with repetitiveness and always look to hear about how you are doing. The conversation is more than “Hi, it will be two dollars” and then “Thanks.” Meaningful conversation brings happiness and interest along with it, which is something everyone can improve upon.

4. Be passionate

The ladies in the cafe aren’t just working at the cafe, they are building an amazing reputation and spreading joy to an ample amount of students every single day. This is due to the passion they have for their job and for the students on campus. They know the small business like the back of their hand and this allows them to invite you into the environment. Once we commit to learning about a passion, it is that much easier to spread the joy and make others feel comfortable.

~The ladies in the cafe embody many traits that we should all practice throughout our lives and I thank you for visiting with me.

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