“This book lies here before you. It states explicitly all the wisdom of statesmanship and the conducts of private and public life that will exist at the end of days, meaning the books of Kabbalah. Open these books and you will find all the good orders that will appear in the end of days, and you will find within them the good lesson by which to arrange mundane matters today as well, for we can learn from the past and by that correct the future.”

Baal HaSulam, Writings of the Last Generation 

We are now the first generation of the last generation period, and you are probably asking yourself, what is the last generation?

A human being is a system made up of the biological protein part that places us in the animal class like any animal, with different needs for subsistence, such as food, family, and sex. In this part there are also human desires, such as money, respect and enlightenment.

The second part is the private point that belongs only to the person him/herself. It’s a kind of DNA that exists in every individual, which must fulfill its destiny and consciously return to its root. And we are now here, the first generation of the last generation.

Putting Things in Perspective

The following is a very general historical overview of what we have been through so far, without going into too much detail so as not to distract us from the main issue – man and his world. We need to learn how to develop relevant issues between us so that we can understand how to realize our lives effectively and well. Therefore, we must adopt a new public discourse, and publish material that will help humanity and the world get to where we are really supposed to go.

Let us begin.

From the beginning there was a man, who lived in caves and was preoccupied with minimal things, such as food, sex and reproduction. Gradually the needs develop because tools need to be developed in order to hunt the food. At a later stage we learned that the soil can also be useful, so we developed additional tools to cultivate the soil, plow, harvest, etc. 

As the generations multiplied we began to evolve in the form of families, some patriarchal and others matriarchal. As families multiplied and the natural needs a person has determined that an individual is a social creature who needs to live with his peers, pushed us to start congregating into villages, cities.

Development within cities gave rise to new and more complex needs: technical urban systems including drinking water systems and other water related needs, markets for food sources, homes, professionals to implement these systems. And building social systems such as the city’s breadwinners, mayors, legal systems, religious systems, etc.

Later the needs grew and developed into forming of states, on the same principle of cities, only in greater complexity. The political form already divides and defines us according to peoples, cultures, mentalities and clearly separates us on the basis of borders, and interests on a national basis.

From here to the present day the same principle only changes in its forms, but not yet in essence. That is, the state, society, economy, medicine, law and more, change according to the time and needs of man. For example, if you used to die of the flu today that is no longer the case; if you used to kill someone because he stole, nowadays he is put on trial, etc. 

The culmination of the so-called human development of our time is the technological development, which is still ahead of us, for example robotics, printers, 3D and more. I did say so-called, because further down the road I hope that together we will understand that it belongs to the development of the first part of us as I explained above. The second part of human development that is supposed to fill our mental and inner life is only just beginning.

Everything we have been through so far is called a preparation period; a time when evolution develops in four degrees (inanimate, vegetative, animate, human), and has completed development in the first three parts. And now we begin the development at the human/speaking level.

The parts we have been through so far have inevitably passed over us, in a natural and instinctive way. The most crucial human/speaking stage is before us now, and we are the first generation of the last generation. How is it different from the three parts of development that preceded it?

A very substantial change. Now we must consciously increase our emotional intelligence to understand the desired ways of existence of man and his world, in accordance with the laws of nature that apply to us. Throughout the years we have learned from nature how to move forward in life, and now in our time nature seems to have risen up against us. The world is full of very unfortunate developments in the form of storms, volcanoes, tsunamis, climate change, melting glaciers and more. Human society is also beginning to appear and behave as an alienated and infected part of the system. The positive relationships have long since ceased between us, and now there is a new culture that perpetuates our separation.

Here and now we begin the critical phase of humanity, a significant transition period signifying the end of the egoistic era and the beginning of the altruistic era. Two levels of existence that are completely opposite in terms of goals, values, purpose and the nature of the workplace and livelihoods we will have. 

Who can know what it is?

The Kabbalists are in eternal contact with our general system, and they write us things that have been passed down for thousands of years. For example, there is the book of Zohar which all the Kabbalah writings we have come from. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the most practical and universal wisdom that exists in reality, which explains to us how to properly arrange ourselves, that is, man and his world, and how to make the most of life in a balanced and efficient manner. 


  • Ofer Nakash

    Speaker & Workshop Facilitator of Integral Method

    A lecturer and facilitator of the integral method for optimal human integration. Main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.