Latest Trends in Character Design

The process of creating a character design will never be stagnant. Art is something that is meant to go through changes and transformations because if it does not then it will lose its meaning. If you know the core essence of your character and you know what is essential in adding to its design then the notion of character designing is no longer arduous for you.

For that reason, you have to rely on digital designing techniques. These techniques allow you to create characters that stay interacted with your audience and give you the attention you intend to have.

Here are some of the latest character illustration styles and trends in character designing that have taken digital design by storm.

3-Dimensional shapes and geometry

When drawing a character, it is essential to first find the right shape design and form for it. If you are animating a character and if you do not know what the shape, movement form, and style of the character would be then you will face difficulties in animation production. Geometrical shapes and elements play a huge role in 3D artwork and animation. Your character design does not have to be hyper-realistic instead, if you become well versed in using and following the right geometry, you will acquire the ability to create unique and memorable characters.

Designs that go viral

A great design or piece of artwork is surely expected to go viral but the trend of viral design is not only limited to the field of design itself instead it follows political views and media news that is currently trending among the audience. A political figure is not a fictional creation that is why the characters used for viral design are not the creation of the artists and designers. However, the message you are conveying by using those characters and figures is entirely based on your imagination and predictions.

Gamify your illustrations

Desktop and computer games used to have pixelated yet easily recognizable characters. Why was that so? Super Mario is a great case study as other than the gameplay it is focused on the formation of appealing and memorable characters. Games usually focus on the characters since the story is progressed along with character development. From the interaction to the actions of a certain character, everything about the game’s story is connected to the characters. The entire game development process commences and ends at character design because if the design were not contemporary, nobody would want to play the game.

Make realistic photos expressive

The concept of overlaying animated designs and heads on to real-life photos began after the boost in selfie culture. However, this trend has now emerged to be a huge part of character designing. We are currently living in an era that is highly dependent on mobile devices and social media. For that reason, digital images, photos, and selfies have gained worldwide photography but that has also started to look too boring. Filters and special effects are no longer so special therefore the trend of overlaying character heads and animations on faces has gained significance.

Characters that interact with the audience

Viewers tend to crave for visual interaction as without it they are not able to form a connection with the illustration, drawing or even an animation. A character that is jumping or performing various normal tasks looks normal to some people but it builds a sense of association for the viewers. Interaction in design allows you to make your character communicate with its surroundings, people and other characters in its environment. It is something that will surely become effective over the years. With the use of interactive character design, you are not limited as you can use it in animations, GIFs and even illustration artwork.


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