Ahh.. the easy, breezy, vibe of summer. It’s no wonder so many of us can’t get enough of it!

They say the true test too fab style is looking like you put very minimal effort into it. In fact, looking like you’re trying too hard can be the biggest style sin you ever commit. In staying true to the easy cool vibe of summer, and looking as minimalistic as you realistically can, it’s important to switch up makeup and style during the hot months!

Why stand in the hot bathroom caking on the makeup that may quickly melt off your face the moment you step outside? Personally, I’d rather savor the summer and get outside and play in it as much as possible, rather than wasting time applying a ton of makeup daily! Unfortunately, though, many of us can’t quite pull off the bare-faced natural look only Victoria Secret Super Models seem to be able to, nor would we want to! You can still, however, easily have that “natural, I just woke up this way” look without having to feel a little less than confident when you step outside. And you don’t have to look like you just got out of bed either, but can still easily and quickly bring some glam to a very natural look that is still completely summertime appropriate!

6 Super Quick and Easy Steps to Glam, Yet Natural-Looking Makeup:

1. Start with an Even Complexion. Smooth a natural BB or CC cream around the face from the inside working your way to the outer edges. You can use a brush here for a more natural finish or use your fingers to save time and give your skin a smooth, natural glow. These lighter creams give skin a more natural look without the cakey look many foundations seem to give, especially this time of year. They are also so lightweight, you won’t have to worry about your makeup sliding right off your face in front of that hot Starbucks Barista!

2. Apply Blush. Don’t skip this important step as it can be one of the most vital to a pretty, yet natural-looking, glamorous look! By skipping blush, you’re doing yourself a disservice and making your face look flat. Blush is a good way to contour the face and it also helps it look more youthful and vibrant, as well as gives you a nice glowing complexion too! Simply tap a blush brush into powder and move from the apple of the cheek, outward and upward in 1–2 easy swoops!

3. Don’t Forget the Eyebrows! Unruly eyebrows are a bit too natural, and unless you’re spending your summer at a nudist colony, you’re eyebrows are going to make you look disheveled and throw off your whole look when not properly groomed. Buy an easy-to-use angled eyebrow pencil you can swoop across in one-to-two quick brush strokes, to easily fill in gaps, make the brow more uniform, and give it a lovely shape! Don’t forget to pluck those outlying hairs!

4. Do a Pretty Winged Eyeliner. This can be tricky until you get the hang of it. Give yourself some time to practice. Once you have it down, you can create a pretty, glamorous, yet natural winged eyeliner look, both easily and quickly! Use a black eyeliner for a more va-va-voom look, or stick to a dark brown for a more natural eye.

Tip: Start near the inner eye and work your way out. When you get about three-quarters of a way across the eye, angle it out and swoop up towards the outer edge of your eyebrow. You only need to go out a few centimeters here to where your lashes end. Then angle the eyeliner back down to the edge of the lash line, so you end up with an isosceles triangle at the outer edge of your eye with the tip pointing up and out towards the outer eyebrow. This makes lashes look fuller and longer. Place your elbow on a counter for easy, smooth application if you tend to be a bit shaky.

5. Embrace the Falsies. While this may also not seem like the “lazy” way to get a glam look, this one step will make a huge difference in your look, and I promise you, lashes are easier to apply than you think, especially with a little practice! False Lashes can make a huge difference in your look — taking your look from flat to fab in just a few minutes! If there is one step I would tell even the laziest of girls, it would be to apply false lashes and nothing else in your makeup routine! Big lashes open up the eyes and make them look more youthful, wide-awake, and much more attractive. The phrase “batting your lashes to get what you want” didn’t come from nowhere, ladies! Men AND Women notice fuller, longer, more voluminous lashes more than anything else on your face. After all, we all make eye contact when speaking with someone, so of course, beautiful long lashes or the lack of them are going to be something that stands out right away!

6. Finish Your Look with an Easy Lip Crayon. Lip crayons are super easy and quick to use and don’t require the precision and blotting a lipstick does, but it does look more natural, sophisticated, and grown up than a lip gloss. Apply quickly from one side to the other and trace back. No need to blot. Use a brighter color for a more stand out glamorous look, or a more muted neutral for a more natural look.

Summer makeup should be easy but you don’t have to sacrifice some glam to still have a beautiful, natural, summer look! You also absolutely don’t need to waste precious summer time getting ready in the mirror each morning!

These 6 steps allow you to get a quick, easy, chic look that is both glamorous enough for the evenings but natural enough for day, so you can get outside and start enjoying that summer sun already!

Happy Beautifying!