Don’t Read This. Stop Consuming.

Preparing to write this had me in a fritz. Scouring the web for inspiration – what’s trending, who’s trending, what should I focus on here?

I dig deep into my bookmarks folder titled “Good Reads” for the spark to ignite my creative flame and come across some crippling instructions – stop consuming. However, before you do as I did and stop dead in your tracks, consider this thought with me, if you will: stop consuming.

How often do we actually analyze that which we are consuming? Do we ever actually stop to think about what we take in, how we are receiving and perceiving, and how this is affecting us?

At a certain point, I can’t help but think that the overwhelming sea of advice, how-to’s, and motivational reads have become a hindrance to those seeking inspiration rather than a stepping stone.

Imagine you come upon a river in need of crossing. Now imagine this in two scenarios: In the first, there is one path from point A to point B – simple enough to get the job done, and easy to comprehend. In the second, however, there are multiple paths – some straight and to the point, some long and winding (a more scenic route perhaps?).

Now the ball is back in your court. We are no longer in a situation where the proper pathway is obvious, we are no longer in a situation where the decision is clear. We are hoping to find a glimmer of inspiration in a crowd seeking the same; perpetually confusing one another to the point of paralysis.

And so now what have I done? Simply contributed to the problem even more I suppose. But rather than sift through the endless suggestions, I did the first one that stuck – stop consuming – and here is what I have to show for it. Because in my eyes, the only way in which to feel I’m not actively consuming is to create that which is consumed. Right?

I’m no expert. You’re no expert. Wtf is an expert? Write about that if you want, or maybe I will, or we both can and then we can debate about whose is better to no avail because obviously mine. You get the point? There is no point and there never has to be.