Justin M. Higgins: “Hi Christopher, what life advice do you have for young adults?”

Christopher Burch: “Hi Justin, my advice for young adults is think out of the box. Never create a company after a company that’s already been … find a new and disruptive twist. There is no balance in life when you are starting out after college. You need to work nonstop and always ask questions. Engage in conversations. Be curious. And collaborative. When you are most fearful, move ahead, and when you feel you have it all figured out, be very cautious.”

Christopher Burch is the Founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company’s investment philosophy is an expression of Christopher Burch’s entrepreneurial values and his vision for new market opportunities, using a creative skill set along with sound financial practices to create, incubate, support, and scale disruptive brands and businesses.

In his 30-year career as an investor and entrepreneur, Christopher Burch has participated in the rise of more than 50 companies. By combining an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with international and direct sourcing experience, he has a built a long track record of connecting innovation to impact.

Creative Capital represents the evolution of venture capital based on Christopher’s belief that the activity of successful investing also includes creativity.

In the past, we were investors looking for existing opportunities. Today, we are entrepreneurs who invent and attract new ones. We apply more than funding to earn a return. We invest our creativity, passion, and insights to create value.

Burch Creative Capital’s brand portfolio includes the recent introductions of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK to a list of established brands previously embraced by Christopher including the Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Next Jump, Powermat, Tory Burch and Voss Water.

The company is currently supporting the development of several lifestyle and consumer products brands ranging from retail, apparel and home furnishings to the hospitality, organic foods, and technology industries.

Originally published at medium.com