You might think that being famous is always great, right? If that is your point of view, you have to learn certain things about the life and death of celebrities and if it is terrific to be on spotlight at all times. Read on!


Popularity is something most of us dream of. Think about those luxury cars, mansion, lots of money, and millions of fans shouting your name. Only getting engaged in the showbiz world will help us achieve those material things and live a lavish life in an instant.

However, is it worth it? Is being famous good all the time?

The deaths of celebrities like Michael Jackson left us a question mark whether or not they were able to live the life they truly wanted. On the other hand, the eternal fame of various celebrities these days still give us a puzzling answer whether they are really happy being in the international scene or not. Especially now, the number of personalities who commit suicide due to depression is alarming.

Being a Celebrity Means Dealing with Various Ups and Downs

Who said being popular is always fun?

Being famous has its advantages and disadvantages. You may be thinking a famous personality or celebrity has everything in life (a universal insight of people), but in reality, there are also several disadvantages and downsides of being famous.

Perks of Being a Celebrity

Being richer

Obviously the greatest advantage of being a celebrity. Generally, fame brings a lot of fortune. They live in beautiful mansions or houses maintained by gardeners, cook, housekeepers, and other servants.

Also, they can afford to buy the best clothes and everything they want, don’t need to worry about paying bills, drive the newest car models, travel a lot, buy fancy gifts, spend their vacations or holidays in the most luxurious resorts, and so much more! Celebrities are usually more luxurious than the average Joe.

Recognized locally and globally

Famous personalities are recognized wherever they go. This is a great ego boost. Besides, they can meet other celebrities and are invited to the best parties.

Various opportunities

Whether it is career-related or not, many different opportunities arise when a person becomes famous. For instance, Kim Kardashian is not only renowned in the entertainment industry but affords to lodge in newer businesses such as perfumes and apparel. Involving in the business is what most celebrities choose once they reach stardom.

Have supporting fans

Isn’t it very overwhelming to know there are millions of people out there who are willing to share the same happiness and sadness with you? After all, a celebrity would not be able to reach the success he or she is gaining without these ever-supportive fans.

Fan mail and any other forms of appreciation that a popular personality receive can be very humbling, motivational, and inspirational. Anyone likes to have their followers, worshippers, and fans, right?

Get special treatment everywhere they go

Be that special tables at restaurants, special seats at theaters, or others, and celebrities are given the perks of being the most favorite customers wherever they go. Surely, you would also love getting the first row seats at a special event or having a preferred entry at nightclubs.

These are the perks that a celebrity could get out of being famous. And you might want to experience these, am I right?

The Downsides of Being a Celebrity

No privacy

Whether you like it or not, even the most single detail about yourself, your family or love life will be the talk of the town, which is why being famous is sometimes not a good catch. As soon as you enter showbiz, you need to accept that your life is not just yours anymore – it is everyone’s.


Even it is just about getting a cup of coffee nearby or going to a supermarket, expect a group of people to mob and hound you for pictures and autographs. Also, celebrities often feel uncomfortable wearing sexy outfits because of the paparazzi who continuously take pictures of them.


Stalkers are definitely a real headache when you become a celebrity. You probably know about the stalkers of Whitney Houston, one of them was sending her flowers, calling her offices, and worst, harassing her. Hence, being popular means watching your back …ALWAYS.

Rumors. Rumors. Rumors

People love starting a talk about celebs. It may not be a big deal sometimes, but in most cases, people can say some foul things about you. This can eventually have a negative impact on your life, your family, or your future. The worst rumor can be rumors about someone’s death! It was at the beginning of this year a series of posts reported Sylvester Stallone death because of cancer. Fortunately, it was just an internet hoax but it definitely hurt him, people, who are close to him and even his fan.

Never ending travel

If you’re a type of person who doesn’t love traveling a lot, then becoming celebrity might challenge you. Famous personalities tend to have to be away from family and friends for an extended period.

Trust issues

In the world of showbiz, you don’t really know who your real friends are. You don’t know who deserves your trust or who will jeopardize your friendship. You don’t even know who can offer you, genuine love, as well. So, it is essential to look at your back and scrutinize each person that comes into your life.

Can’t messed up

Ever wanted to become “crazy” sometimes but worry that someone might catch you and lose their respect for you? Celebrities surely want, but choose to maintain a clean image so as not to ruin their reputation and status as an artist.

Indeed, it might not be always good to be famous because of these disadvantages. So, would you still choose to be a celebrity?

Final Thoughts

So as you see, being famous is both a gift and awful. You get to appreciate all the material things you have and live a luxurious life as long as you want, but some things need to be set aside like your privacy. Popularity can make or break you, and it depends upon you on how to make the best use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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