A great way to increase the usable space of your backyard is to build an outdoor room. Whether you have a small or large yard, an outdoor living space enables you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in rain, hail, or shine.

Whether it’s an outdoor entertaining area, a resort style cabana, and terrace around the pool, or a pergola set-up, creating an outdoor living space adds extra value to your home and is an effective way to draw people outside.

1. It is an extension of your home

Outdoor living spaces can be looked at as being an extension of your home rather than a separate space. Backyards have long been seen as a place for the kids to play and the dog to run around in. Instead of keeping it a separate feature from your home, marrying your home with the outdoors can create an area for the whole family to enjoy and relax in all day long.

This is what we consider as hardscape design, a method of landscaping that makes use of non-living materials. By using the natural structures of your outdoor space with man-made materials you can seamlessly expand the aesthetic of your home into the outdoors.

Having a covered space fixed with all the modern conveniences of an indoor living room can create a haven to retreat to and relax in all the while enjoying the outdoors. Not only does it add a certain luxury to everyday life, but it also adds value to your home when it comes to potentially re-selling down the track. Homeowners can envision walking outside to relax and read the morning paper as the morning sun hits the garden before heading off to work.

2. Perfect for outdoor entertaining

If you love to host guests including friends and the family—then an outdoor living space would be a great addition to your home. Birthday’s, holiday’s, and family get-togethers can be enjoyed in your own unique space that will ‘wow’ everyone. Think about creating a paved pathway from your home to a covered pergola area equipped with barbecue, lounge chairs, and fire pit for the ultimate hosting space.

There’s been a recent trend of creating fully equipped kitchen areas outdoors so that hosts & guests don’t have to worry about cleaning up inside or balancing food and drinks from the kitchen to the outdoor setting.

For evenings, think about lining your paved pathway with tiki torches or lanterns and install downlights in your covered outdoor space for a functional entertaining area. This is great if you want to separate guests from the main house or if you have small children—the kids can sleep peacefully in the main house while the adults can continue partying outside.

3. They fit any lifestyle

No matter what kind of lifestyle you have there’s an outdoor design option to fix it. If you live in a warmer climate and your life revolves around the outdoors, think about an outdoor pool area complete with cabana and lounge chairs and even an outdoor bar.

For families, making the backyard accessible and liveable helps to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors than inside on their screens. Create a little reading nook with beanbags and swing chairs to enjoy during the day and look at installing a sunken fire pit to make ‘family time’ all about roasting marshmallows in the fireplace instead of watching TV in the living room.

For those who work from home, an outdoor space can be converted into a study or office for a more picturesque and relaxing area to concentrate in. After a solid foundation is paved, think about creating vertical green walls to create a comfortable and welcoming zone to work from.

4. Health benefits

Outdoor spaces are therapeutic simply because being outdoors in nature reduces stress levels, making us feel more relaxed. The time spent outside contributes to reducing depression & anxiety, improving your immune system, promoting good vision, and acts as a sanctuary to get away from everyday life and work stressors.

When designing and creating your outdoor space, focus on making it a getaway for when you need space to breathe and become centered. Improve the ambiance by installing a water feature. Water features including fountains, ponds, and waterfalls all enhance your backyard relaxation and make for a visually pretty sight in any outdoor living space.

5. Plenty of design options

Your design options are limitless when it comes to creating an outdoor room or living space. These outdoor spaces are a more casual and informal extension of your home and should provide comfort and relaxation as well as functionality. There are a few things to consider before renovating or designing an outdoor room:

Location: Will your outdoor room be for entertaining? If so, you may require easy proximity to the main house for better access to amenities. If your outdoor space is for relaxation purposes, consider situating it a bit away from the main house in its own nook for peace and privacy.

Continuity: If your house is a modern two-story then installing a cottage tea garden set-up may look out of place. Consider the aesthetics of your home and its interior and see if you can replicate the style outdoors for visual flow. Installing stepping stones or pavers to create a path from the main home to your outdoor space adds another dimension to your outdoor space and helps to tie it all together.

Theme: If you want your outdoor space to center around the family pool, then think about choosing furniture and plants that create a resort-like feel. Take inspiration from these outdoor living room designs and see how you can incorporate similar design features to your dream space.

Final remarks

An outdoor room could make a perfect addition to your home if you’re looking for a fresh change. Not only does it provide a place for your family to relax, but it also serves as a place to entertain guests, fits any lifestyle and comes with a bunch of health benefits too.