Let me tell you a little story.

My dad was born disabled. His limbs aren’t in proportion, he has spinal curvature, and he only has three fingers on one hand and four on the other. At times he has of course struggled. Physically and mentally. I know he’s been the vicitm of bullying. I know he’s been unable to do things that he wanted to do (not many I might add, but some). I know he’s battled with low self esteem and self hatred. I know he shakes your hand first when he meets you so that he can get it over and done with. And I know he’s lived with some kind of pain or discomfort for most of his life.

To me though, he was always just my dad. And I never really saw him with limitations until I was an adult. An adult studying anatomy and yoga, with a suddenly keen insight into just how stacked against him his own body was. Most of the yoga postures I was taught during my teacher training just couldn’t be adapted to suit his hands, wrists and arms, and I admit at times feeling super sad that he couldn’t fully experience this healing art with me.

Hello Reiki!

I’d been teaching yoga for a couple of years before I discovered Reiki. I was hoping that this would give me a way in for people who just couldn’t do yoga, a way to help without necessarily moving the body. But I admit, in the beginning I was skeptical. And yet there I was on a First Degree course learning the techniques to heal both myself and others with just the power of my hands and my intent. Of course I fell in love with it that day. And of course couldn’t wait to test it out on dad.

Back in those days, I didn’t have a professional Reiki couch or matching towels, or scented candles or lavender infused essential oil. I had my dining room table, a blanket and a lot of love in my heart.

And that was enough.

I had no idea when I did that first session just how much of an impact it would go on to have…he sat up, confused, tearful, unsure of what had just happened. But he was lighter. Happier. And crucially pain free for the first time in a long time.

And the lighthouse switched on

After two more sessions, his transformation was so profound that he wanted to go on and learn how to do Reiki for himself. And so for the past 12 months he has devoted much of his time to studying, learning, practising, meditating, finding joy in the beauty of life, expanding his sense of self, and most importantly…the hands that were once a source of shame are now a source of Healing.

You matter more than you realise

So, please remember, when you are making choices that empower you, when you are choosing to live a healthier, more aligned life, when you try something new because you think it might help, you might just become the Lighthouse for somebody else to find home.