The start of 2019 has seen a new tech wind enter the market, with women coming together to encourage, educated and celebrate each other in data.

Companies seem to be more invested in hiring females; the UK focused on highlighting and mitigating the gender pay gap and communities building diversity agendas – all to encourage women in data.

Some of the shocking stats suggest that women are not represented in data, and therefore not considered in key organisational decisions. Though, data clearly shows the positive impact females have in the workplace; profits and productivity.

• Women only hold 27% of roles in data

• There is an expected 6% growth in GDP as a result of gender equality

• Diverse companies are 15% more likely to exceed average financial performance targets

As a young female trying to navigate myself in the industry, I often question how will companies, organisations and communities change their ways – to make technology more female friendly?

How do we increase the number of women in data? Returns, profits, targets, retention?

1. Be proud to be soft-er

The world is changing – tech is advancing, with an increase in robotics, machine learning and automated algorithms – we are in need of communication, empathy and soft skills – traits which statistically proven come more naturally than their male counterparts.

We need to harness these skills, be proud of these qualities we have and help to change the conversation:

• Start conversations with ‘I feel…’

• Build in house training decks on how to manage conversations; how to be more ‘human’

• Encourage others to speak up, through mentoring programs, focus groups or anonymised surveys

2. Have an open relationship

This is the time to build communities, networks, and relationships. Enjoy being in more than one relationship, driving continuous sharing, learning and progression

There is a drive for the inclusion and community agenda; build relationships – networks – forces – with other individuals, organisations, businesses.

• Attend conferences, seminars, discussions, free meetups, events in industry

• Knowledge share – in your workplace, outside and online

• Don’t be afraid to say yes to new opportunities, relationships, connections

3. Embrace the data

Use data to change the culture, mindset and proposition.

Embrace the certainty that you know what your customer wants; their needs and drivers. 

• Create stories about what humans do/are doing/will do

• Ask curious questions and keep asking

• Trust the data to do all the hard work for you

By taking small steps within our businesses, we can create large impact-ful movements which will in return, benefit the profits, employees and culture.

Through out the conversations I have had with tech leads as well as during our Like Minded Female events – the consenus stays the same – this time is different – Men and Women both are understanding the benefits of diversity; diversity in data and diversity in the workplace. Everyone is encouraged to speak up. And data is leading strategic decisions – in the workplace, in the house hold and in the day to day.

It’s a great time to be a women in data.


Like Minded Females, founded in May 18, was created with the intention to provide initiatives to empower, connect and celebrate. We lead tech based events, for knowledge sharing, networking with other like minded individuals and driving new opportunities into the tech industry. In 11 months, we have engaged with nearly 12,000 people offline and online. For more information, please email [email protected]

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