People who achieve personal success have ideas in their mind, whether they are at the top of their field, an honor roll student, or a star musician or athlete, tend to appear put together in more ways than one. This is no coincidence—successful people tend to have a healthy lifestyle overall. Staying healthy can help with increased focus, a clearer mind, and more energy, all of which are essential on the path to success.

Seeking Help

One way to improve health and achieve innovative success is to seek treatment for a substance use disorder. Substance abuse disorders can affect anyone, regardless of social status, level of education, or any other factor that could contribute to success. They distract people from their values and responsibilities and take a serious toll on physical and mental health, making it more difficult to accomplish goals. People who seek treatment for their addictions are more likely to be able to focus on the things that will help them become more successful. Luckily, help is usually never too far away. For instance, those living in Irvine or Anaheim can contact one of the certified Orange County rehab centers in their area. Once they enter recovery, they can fulfill their dreams regardless of prior experiences or levels of success.

Mental Health

People can struggle with a variety of psychological disorders that may make it more difficult to get things done. For example, those who struggle with depression may feel more lethargic and have a harder time starting projects, while those struggling with anxiety may have trouble focusing as intrusive thoughts invade their minds. Many successful people struggle with psychological disorders, but those who seek treatments such as therapy or medication may become more efficient and have an easier time focusing on goals. Therefore, many successful people devote time to taking care of their mental health.


Eating a balanced diet contributes to immune health and energy levels. Adequate nutrition can help fight lethargy and cloudy minds, making people sharper and improving concentration. Feeling sick can also make it harder to be successful as brain function decreases while the body devotes energy to fighting off illness. Illness can also require people to take too much time off, increasing the probability of missing opportunities. Many nutrients are essential to boosting the immune system, so a balanced diet can significantly increase the chances of personal success.


Staying in shape helps the body maintain overall health. The release of endorphins can benefit mental health and lead to a boost in energy and focus. Using exercise to break up the day can also help people return to work with fresh eyes. In addition, frequent exercise can help lower the risk of conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to serious health complications that may impede success.


It may be tempting to avoid sleep to finish up a project, but getting better sleep actually increases the chances of success. Adequate rest not only helps with concentration and energy, but it also increases efficiency enough that people save time by taking the time to rest.

Taking Breaks

Taking a pause for relaxation or meditation now and then throughout the day can help people clear their minds and look at a project with fresh eyes. It also helps prevent burnout and can increase performance and creativity.

When seeking success, people often let health fall by the wayside. However, staying healthy helps improve productivity and performance, so an investment in health is an investment in success.