It’s funny how with each “year around the sun” we celebrate, it never feels like we’re that much older than the year before. However, when we happen to be turning the “BIG” 30, 40, 50 or more, that’s when it hits us that time seems to have gone by at a lightning-fast pace. Another ten years have flown by in the blink of an eye.

The “BIG” birthdays usually cause us to pause, reflect on the past decade and ask, “Where did the time go?’, “Seriously I can’t be this old?’, “Did I accomplish anything?”, and “I hope I don’t look this old — and if I do, please don’t let anyone tell me the truth”. It seems that turning a decade older is when many people take stock of their life and a time for others to create new resolutions and re-chart their life’s course. These milestones can have an uncanny way of making us feel like we are either running out of time or make us feel like it is our time and the world is our oyster.

This year will be the year I’m celebrating my 50th birthday — yikes. With the date quickly approaching, I’ve been in a never-ending tug-of-war with my emotions. I do feel that urgent sense that time is running out, but then I also realize that getting older doesn’t mean I can’t learn new things and create new opportunities. Perhaps, with an optimistic outlook, my 50’s will be the decade that I experience my greatest joys and achievements.

Growing older has been something that I’ve been fighting and trying to come to terms with – I don’t want to be old and I certainly don’t feel like I’m 50. Like many other 50-some year-olds (especially women), I’ll be honest, I’m struggling with the reality that I’m physically aging and the face in the mirror doesn’t quite match the youthful energy I still feel on the inside. My body, as much as I work out, doesn’t seem to understand that muffins are supposed to be found in the bakery store and not around my waist.

So, as I near the corner of a new decade and prepare myself to embrace this new chapter, the emotions of getting a little older (and I hope I little wiser), have left me with not just few thoughts of reflections of my own, but have also inspired a few little “F” words. At my age, I think I’ve earned the right to add these “F” words to my vocabulary – and they may not be exactly what you would expect.

Fabulous: I choose to be fabulous. There is no age limit to being fabulous and no rules on how fabulous you can be. Commit to being your authentic fabulous self and not an image of someone else.

Family: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that family bonds are the most important and these bonds are what we need to focus on strengthening and mending. Good or bad, these are the people who have had the greatest impacts in our lives. With each new milestone reached, no matter what your family dynamics are, family becomes more important to living an abundant life. Cherish the wonderful moments spent with loved ones.

Friends: As you journey through life, it is friends and friendships that come along make it more enjoyable. It’s not the number of friends you have, but the quality of friends that make a difference. Make more time in your life for your friends.

Feminine: It’s OK to allow yourself to be a little girly. Dress up, be sexy and embrace being a woman.

Fun: Girl’s just wanna have fun. Let down your guard, live life, laugh and be silly. Life is not meant to be all work and no play. Give into living.

Fearless: I’m choosing to be fearless. Let nothing keep you from chasing your dreams. Be fearless, courageous and unstoppable.

Faith: Faith is knowing that I’m never alone and that there is a greater power at work in my life. When life’s battles seem overwhelming, faith is what will get you through the storms.

Flaws: I will stop focusing on my flaws and start seeing myself as one-of-a-kind and special. What you see as flaws are the things that make you uniquely interesting to others.

Failure: Failing at something does not make you a failure, it makes you courageous for trying – which is more than most people do. Failure sometimes becomes the necessary learning tool to help you reach your ultimate potential. Without it, success wouldn’t be sweet.

Fortunate: I will remember how fortunate I am. Be grateful for reaching this milestone and for all you have in life. There is always someone else that would change places with you in a heartbeat. Remember that you are fortunate enough to have choices and that each day you wake up alive brings with it an opportunity for abundance.

Flexible: I will stay open to new experiences and be willing to adjust my plans for greater opportunities. Be flexible in your life to allow for spontaneous fun, new opportunities, and to learn new things.

Fake: Get rid of the fake people in your life. There is no reason to live another decade surrounded by intolerable fake people.

Fantasy: Give yourself the freedom to live out your fantasies (within reason of course). Take that dream job or vacation or anything else you’ve fantasized about doing.

Fire: I will continue to fuel my passions and hobbies. Find out what you are passionate about and ignite the flame. Have a burning desire to learn a new skill? Want to paint, write, learn a foreign language, or explore a new hobby, then go for it.

Fierce: You go, girl! Entering a new decade gives you the right to be your fierce self.

Forgive: Forgive others and forgive yourself. Hanging onto resentment blocks your happiness.

Fulfill: Life is about feeling fulfilled. Eliminate the baggage from your past and fill your life with what makes you happy and content. Find a new hobby, surround yourself with people who inspire you, and fill your life with happiness.

Farewell: As I enter this new decade, I’m finally saying farewell anything that is no longer beneficial. Growing older means saying farewell to the things that have been holding you back: regret, bad relationships, self-sabotaging actions and anything else that has been hindering you. Saying goodbye to your past allows you to say hello to your future.

As I say goodbye to my 40’s, my 50’s will be a time to celebrate the years of wisdom I’ve gained, a time to rid myself of self-defeating thoughts and to blossom and enjoy life. Whether you are 50, 40, 30 or any other large round number, these little “F” words should be a reminder to you that age is just a number. Yes, world, I’m 50, but I’m also fearless, fun, and fabulous!