The biggest lesson that I have learned in this lockdown is that all of us have demons. You, you, you, you, and me.

Based in Pithora , Shubh says all of us have the capacity to want to see something bad happen to another. All of us, at some point or the other in our lives, have wanted to bring someone else down. If you want to build the tallest building in NY, build the tallest building in NY. Don’t try to demolish the other buildings that are taller than yours. Don’t be jealous, be inspired. I have a simple rule. If I feel a pang of jealousy taking over me (and I surely do at times), I plug out and proceed to do something else. I change my state of mind to do something productive.

This lockdown has been a learning phase for everyone, I am sure. The first and foremost thing that I have learnt is that nothing is impossible,

All of us have the capacity to be malevolent. But all of us have the capacity to be benevolent as well. All of us have angels as well. We can choose to be better than we were yesterday. Better humans. Better people. And when we face a dilemma, we should always choose the option that helps us elevate ourselves. A flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it. It just blooms. ~Zen Shin . Choose to bloom.

Things I’ve learnt during lockdown:-

  1. Lockdown taught me to understand the value of doctors,other healthcare officials,police and emergency workers.
  2. Lockdown taught me that it’s easy to take a gap from junks and rely on home made food.Yet we don’t do that giving excuse.
  3. Lockdown taught me to discover my household chore skills like washing,cleaning,helping mom,etc.
  4. Lockdown taught me to understand the pain of migrant worker’s pain who became all of a sudden “no one’s people”.
  5. Lockdown taught me to spend time with my parents and other family members which is almost an impossible task during normal life.

We’ve Learnt To Love Local

While big supermarkets struggle to cope with demand, many local shops have stayed well-stocked and have been going above and beyond to adapt to help their communities. Understanding that our supply chains are complex, and often unnecessarily long geographically-speaking, could see us make more effort in the future to support our local producers, shops and businesses. Perhaps we will even take the time while we have it to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

We’re Getting On Our Bikes

Because once this is all over, we will still remember what it was like when we were only allowed out once a day. Switching short trips in the car to a walk or a bike ride is great for your physical and mental well-being, pandemic or no pandemic.

I am truly enjoying my lockdown time but at the same time my thoughts are with those daily wage workers. I would cordially request everyone to follow the nationwide lockdown norms. Let us combat this unprecedented situation unitedly.