When people say, “I love you” one of the (when appropriate) most shocking and funniest responses to say is “I love me too.” This throws people off. They don’t expect it. That is exactly why it works. Because, there is truth in that.

When we love ourselves, we want the best for us. We make ourselves a top priority in our life. We typically are more focused. Everyone knows that a focused person will achieve results. We know this because successful (those who make results happen) are often asked what contributed to their success. Most of them will give a hat-tip to being focused.

If you need some proof of this, just go to the search box in Instagram™. It won’t take but a few pictures before you see a selfie.

We Are Obsessed With Ourselves

Never has there been a time when we have been more focused on ourselves (there is that focus word again). Social media has emerged as an integral part of media presence in society. It began as a way for us to be social with other people that we don’t get to see everyday and to make it easier to make social plans amongst friends.

Self-obsession, when coupled with a solid plan can become your greatest ally when it comes to media exposure. If you are looking for more than “15 minutes of fame” I encourage you to look at how you see yourself.

Creating Your Positive Self Image

Creating and sustaining a positive self-image is rather simple. First off, you must be real with yourself. The more real, raw, and honest you are with yourself, the better you feel, the better you act, the better you become. The result is confidence.

Confidence creates momentum. Confidence comes with a high standard of living. That high standard is critical to having a positive self-image. The result. Others are drawn to you. You are most likely a leader in our field. This puts you on the radar of media.

Breaking Into Media

When you are confident, everything you think, say, and do becomes an extension of that confidence. Nowhere is this more apparent and livelier than in the media.

The media is always looking for people who will serve their customer base. You are looking at gaining media exposure. The more aware and attentive you are to how you show up, media outlets eat that up…

…because they are looking for real people who can deliver real results with real tactics that will serve them the best.

Where To Start

As we discussed earlier, being real with ourselves is the number one way to build confidence, which helps us show up. Let’s continue down the path.

Let’s look at what selfies give us. There is always the ‘angle’ that the picture is taken, typically holding the phone above us, and looking down… In other words, we are looking up. The second part of loving ourselves is to always look up. Looking down doesn’t help. Looking back only reminds us of where we have been (which is important but not something to focus on). When we are looking up, we can see what is coming. Looking into the camera when it comes to media is essential. If we are already looing up, this is easy.

The third part of the equation is knowing that our attention and focus (there it is again) goes to what we love. Loving ourselves is giving us permission to spend that time on ourselves. There is no shame, guilt, or falseness. Spending time with ourselves supports growth. No matter where we come from or even where we currently are, we can grow and be better.

When the focus is on our growth, the results are endless. Focus creates awareness. Awareness establishes credibility. Credibility is attractive in media.

Comment below how you are growing into a deeper love of yourself.