1. Who inspired you achieved so much success with The Love Science? Tell us about your journey with The Love Science.

The capability of a human being to experiment deep and persistent feelings for a specific person  is one of the most intriguing and mysterious thing that a scientist can research. The uniqueness of this process that we as species have in common with all the mammals and many others, originates a flux of different hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. The brain in love has been extensively studied by many scientists, one for all Helen Fisher, and the result of this research has provided interesting evidence about the biochemistry of our body and the consequential reactions in our behavior. When you are in love, the way and the consistency of your reactions change. A simple word can stab your soul for years. A simple action, that in another state of mind would be ignored, becomes a source of intolerable frustration or utter joy.we cannot suggest to our brain who to love, but we can learn to love in a more complete and successful way simply by closely observing our reactions and the reactions of our loved ones. We have to learn to read beyond words, beyond behaviors. This is fundamental. Like anyone, I had my share of disillusionment, sufferance and loss. When you lose in love, the area of the brain which perceives physical pain is activated. This means that your brain does not distinguish between a physical injury or a  love pain. Very often love is mostly felt as pain. How not to be interested in this kind of condition? Almost impossible!

2. What advice would you give to a couple who like to be madly in love or singles that seeks to find true love in a lonely city like Los Angeles ?

A couple madly in love in a town like Los Angeles is a lucky couple. If well directed, their love has great possibilities to flourish. For a brain in love in LA there is the weather which allows romantic strolls on the beach hand in hand. There is a multitude of nice spots where to secretly share sweet words and passionate kisses. You have to learn to look at the city with different eyes. Find corners, romantic spots. Make them  yours.For the love seekers, Los Angeles is a town in which  opportunities are just around the corner. We have this tool of on-line dating that can be useful or destructive, depending on how you use it. But a wise use of on-line dating can be the key to open the door to love. The question is: how to select people and how to meet for the best possible result.

3. What do you do on the daily basis to keep a healthy lifestyle and sleep over 8 hours a day ?

I have adopted a healthy lifestyle since I was a kid. Never over eat and very rarely over drink. This as a ground rule. Respect for your body means respect for you as a persona. If you don’t respect yourself first, you’ll never learn to respect others.As far as love is concerned, being out of love can trigger anxiety and depression that can ultimately affect the quality and the duration of your sleep. Interestingly so, the best and more rejuvenating sleep is not in the arms of Morpheus, like the Greek used to say, but in the arms of your loved one. This type of sleep releases endorphins and make us feel more relaxed and strong. It is scientifically proved that loving long term relationships provide the best enhancement of the immune system.As a consequence, a night wrapped around your loved one makes you feel calmer and more resilient.The hours of sleep can vary, the 8 hours rule doesn’t necessarily apply to all of us. Love does, instead. And yes, a happy love life is reflected by a better quality sleep and an adequate production of glycogen in our brain. As a final consequence, love feeds your brain much better than any meal…


Dr. Patty Durath Taiariol Cooper was born and raised in Italy. She spent a consistent part of her childhood in Los Angeles with her mother’s family. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Ferrara, one of the oldest and most renowned in Italy. During her professional career she has had and still has prestigious and relevant professional partnerships, like the ones with Alitalia, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, Cantine Collalto, Bisol Wines, Balsameria Midolini, Ansa News agency, SBS Australia, Antipodi News, Catholic Collegio PioX . The most impressive and lasting one, is with Fidia Pharmaceutical, a company which researches and synthesizes drugs aimed to interact with the Central Nervous System. At the age of 29 she also became an accredited journalist and writes for one of the most prominent Italian daily newspaper, called Il Giornale. In 1997 she was granted an Australian Business Investor Visa, and started working as a correspondent for SBS Radio, an Australian government network.

She published her first book in 2010 and was awarded a prize: “Grangiallo a Castelbrando”. Lately she has been asked to serve as the Honorary Consul for Australia to Italy. She is currently on a speaking tour from Malibu to Beverly Hills and surrounding areas on the topic of communication, the brain, and the love science.


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