As we complete the cycle’s of times past where perhaps our heart aches prohibited our incoming good, and enter into a new opportunity to experience a life renewed of love abundant, how do we open our hearts to receive the good that has been willed into our lives?

Personally, I derive great delight in heart chakra exercises, and the cultivation of divine love into our lives may be the cure to most ailments you have experienced.

Divine love is the elixir of the heavens and has the pronounced effect on our highest good and physical health.

So here is a short heart exercise that can hasten your incoming good, while lifting up your physical body into a state of healing all that is not aligned with your highest good, hasten the lessons you need to master, and infuse purpose into your life. Because we receive so that we shall give. We become so that we know what we are.

1) Close your eyes. See the color green. Feel the color radiating in your chest space, coming alive through each breath you take.

2) Feel your heart beat in green. Feel it expand into your body cavity and in the peripheral space around your body. Feel the vibration of your heart beating in green; pulsating waves of love throughout these spaces.

3) Bring forth consciousness and intention into the pulsating love. The love that is active, alive, and purifying your body and mind. Divine love that is pure, unconditional and unwavering in its dedication to you, so that you may experience it, and become it.

4) Imagine that your whole body is now radiating this divine love, that each cell in your body has welcomed this love, embraced this love, and is now resonating with this love. Your physical form is uplifted by this love.

5) Now, as your body is fully encapsulated into its truest form of love, imagine your wishes and dreams also vibrating with this love, as our highest good includes our deepest dreams and desires. Accentuate the feeling of love, by expanding into the images that will allow you to feel even more fully love; through experiences, objects and interactions and merge with them. Invite them to commune with your love, with fluidity and ease, welcome your good into your hearts. Embrace the expansion of your experience, divinely, with love.

6) Feel the exchange of divine love blur into one. Your love from the inside and the love of that which is yours by divine right on the outside; the things that expand your experience and allows you to experience more divine love. This is our right as beings, if we choose to understand this, it is our quest, and our highest experience.

7) Stay in this place of divine love and feel the peace and security of this space, the space of abundant expansion into divine love, into ways to actualize this divine love.

8) Open your eyes and keep this feeling of love abound you throughout your day

Let Your Heart Breathe