You made your big goals, and you know they can’t be conquered in a day.

Rather than look up in dismay halfway through the year and realize you haven’t made any progress yet, you need to start working on taking the necessary steps TODAY to achieve your goals.

For me, that means making an annual results goal, breaking it into quarterly goal posts, then monthly and weekly goalposts. Once you know what you need to do in a week, you can schedule what you’ll be doing each day.

Remember my philosophy that the magic is in the implementation?

That’s what this is! It’s taking something BIG and creating tangible steps that will help you make it happen!

For example…

Desired income for 2020 = $500,000

Annually   = $500,000

Quarterly  = $125,000

Monthly   = $41,666

Weekly    = $10,416


Desired podcast downloads for 2020 = 50,000

Annually = 50,000

Quarterly = 12,500

Monthly = 4,166

Weekly   = 1,041

Now, I can’t control how many people download my podcast. So what can I do? 

+ I can create a content creation plan that highlights the pain points and listening needs of my audience. 

+ I can join podcasting groups and learn best practices.

+ I can share my podcast in groups and forums where my listeners live.

+ I can do interview exchanges.

+ I can create promotional graphics and optimize my own social media accounts to get the word out.

+ I can ask my network to share, rate, review, and spread the news about my podcast.

Those are the kinds of things I’ll be scheduling daily and weekly in an effort to achieve the results I want!

Because I believe so strongly in the power of implementation (and I’ve learned that DOING is a huge strength of mine), I love working with people specifically on how they can begin implementing in their own lives.

You’ll get tangible resources for achieving goals, monthly teaching calls, encouragement & support, access to all my knowledge (all things copywriting, course creation, podcast creating, and tips on the dozens of systems I’ve used), and more!

If you’re sick of “hoping” you’ll achieve your goals, then stop. Commit to doing what it take to make them a reality, and discover the┬ámagic of implementation!

Hannah Hassler is an Integration Coach helping humans deconstruct unconscious fears and mindset blocks in order to fully integrate their deepest desires & unachieved goals so that they can live their fullest lives.