Thinking about the future can be equally helpful and damaging at the same time. Thinking about the future helps get our lives on the right path, while equally burning the bridge of “other paths” once we get to it. We are trained and engineered to follow a shared goal, while leaving behind all our other goals and dreams. It is our job, today, to make sure we don’t succumb to societal norms, and to spend life by living it. Living it honestly.

I have lived my life with a mix of indecisiveness and risk-taking. Following my own path and being passionate in everything I do plays a big role in this. I’ve always dreamt of being a writer, being able to brighten up someone’s day just by creating an imaginary world for them to escape to, even just for a second. And by pursuing my dreams, here I am, writing this blog about living life, because I know that somewhere out there, many are herded, like sheep, to follow in the footsteps of the superior, and their dreams are fading as quickly as they came. So here I am to tell you – and I do hope someone will listen — to believe in yourself, no matter what.

Many will tell you that you are wrong, that you should stop what you’re doing, but always remember, that people will first mock, then challenge, and finally admire what you do. Notice the chronology? Success can be compared to publishing; along the way, you will experience many cuts, bruises and walls that will hinder your progress, but once you find your strengths, all that’s left is to go up, and to never come down.

We as humans are creatures of habit. We develop ideas that could skyrocket our success, others mock us for our intuitiveness, and we are always sucked in into a black hole of nothingness. And once we lose the fire within us, it may never rekindle. The world around us collects us, and piles us into occupations that slowly turns us to dust, and once that all happens, we become more hollow and empty, less on focusing on ourselves, but more on making sure we don’t get sucked up into the biggest black hole of all: death. But little do most know, but by just gathering the wooden branches we call time, dedication, passion and purpose, the fire in our mind, body and soul may ignite us once more.

By continuously making progress, one step at a time, we can learn to rebuild our lives, along with ourselves in the process. Live life to the fullest. Live life like there’s no tomorrow. And most importantly, don’t live just for the sake of it. Live for a reason. Live for a purpose.