Being majorly successful is the outcome of a powerful self-care routine, and your day’s success starts the night before…

First off, simple instructions:

Turn off your phone at night & you can turn it back on later in the morning

Now, let’s get into the life-changing rituals:

As soon as you wake up in the morning…

1. Breathe – Sounds very simple, right? That’s because it is simple and it’s okay to do something simple, even during a busy day. While you take time to breathe with intention, ask yourself some questions to settle your mind:

  • What am I focusing on right now? 
  • Am I making myself a priority? 
  • Am I coming from my head or my heart? 
  • What is actually true about this situation?

2. Journaling –  It’s one of the most powerful tools for transformation because it is a sacred space to release what is no longer serving you and connect you to yourself on a deeper level. I’ve outlined a journaling process that will allow you to move energy so that you can get grounded and connect with your intuitive truth. There is a technique for journaling that is more than just grabbing a notebook and jotting down thoughts. If you want to become intentional with your journaling, ask yourself deep questions like “What am I afraid of right now?,” or “What am I actually upset about?” “What is true about this situation or experience?” Dig deep under the surface level.

3. Meditation – It is the clearest path to our heart and intuition. It connects us directly to the guidance, direction, and clarity that is available to all of us at all times. It calms your mind and brings down the chaos and overwhelm of your day. Open your heart and allow yourself to see what is possible on the other side of this practice.

4. Power statements – What we focus on will expand. So, what we believe to be true will simply show up in our lives. Power statements are created as if what we want has already happened. Create a statement that you desire to be true, but has not happened yet. (Ex: “I am grateful to make 10K a month with grace and ease.” or “I am grateful to be in a sacred union that embodies divine love, laughter, and fulfillment with the love of my soul’s life.” 

5. Gratitude – When we focus on what we are grateful for now, it brings us back to the present moment, and happiness is only available in the present moment. When we feel grateful for something, we are basically telling our minds that we have already achieved it and then it can show up. Start your morning by focusing on 10 things you are grateful for in your life. 

6. Affirmations – Affirming positive affirmations about yourself helps you let go of the stories your mind is trying to tell you about you not being good enough and reminds you that you have always been good enough. 

Incorporating these daily rituals into your self-care routine will begin the journey to the success you are fully capable of. You hold the power to create anything your heart desires in your life, and it starts with the heart. Nothing can begin until you give yourself the gift of slowing down, though. This is the exact routine I do everyday and it has allowed me to uplevel in all areas of my life again and again, and I have full faith this process will work it’s magic on you, too.

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