Small businesses find it very difficult to compete with larger organizations. However, the availability of different kinds of software programs give small business owners a series of tools that they can use in order to improve their performance on a day to day basis and give them a slight competitive advantage. As a business owner who wants to remain competitive in the modern age, it’s vitally important that you up your game. One of the things that you can do is to invest in an ERP.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), also known as PGI (Integrated Management Software Package), is a solution for real-time monitoring and management of all the data of a large company or an SME.

The Advantages it offers

ERP is not only for large companies, it now offers many advantages for SMEs:

Increased Turnover

ERP has the advantage of saving SMEs time and energy. No need to re-enter information, no need to move from one page to another. With interconnected services, information is automatically exchanged, in real time and securely.

Saves Time

Time is money, and that holds true for all businesses. As a business owner who employs ERP systems, this could prove to be a fantastic deployment for your business. It will help you make decisions much more quickly and build a strong platform.

Improved Productivity

By saving time, employees can focus on higher value-added tasks and increase the productivity of SMEs. They devote themselves entirely to their core business and are thus more fulfilled and more motivated. As for managers and managers, they have powerful dashboards to analyze information (sales, stocks, promotions) and make the best decisions at the best time to optimize the performance of the company. With ERP, the diagnosis is accurate and the ROI is more easily ensured.

Improved Reliability

ERP establishes a unique, standardized database so that each employee of the SME has real-time information and reliable sharing. Services are better coordinated, all data is automatically backed up, and traceability is guaranteed throughout the various processes.

Greater Value

By implementing an ERP, SMEs are gaining value. The ERP will indeed be a significant asset when reselling. It will allow the future buyer to obtain valuable information so that they can immediately make the right decisions for the company. ERP is, therefore, a very profitable investment.

Durga Madiraju has helped multiple businesses and SMEs grow in value by implementing different kinds of software programs. She is a senior software engineer working in a Fortune 500 company and has experience of more than 20 years. She currently tests and develops applications that make use of the Agile methodologies, and business improvement methodologies. Durga is experienced working with small businesses and SMEs in order to create web portals and projects that are tailored according to their needs. Durga’s job is to estimate requirements, provide design and functional specifications, and code and maintain multiple software applications. Durga is a poet, having published six collections of poetry classics. 


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